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Why are Keywords So Important to Drive Traffic and Leads?

More than 50 per cent of the world population are on the Internet today. With half the population surfing on the World Wide Web, you have unlimited access to these audiences at all times. The medium here is digital marketing. However, online Marketing is vastly different from other marketing methods that have ever existed. The platform has obscure rules and regulations that keep changing constantly. Search engines, such as Google, keep updating their algorithms to improve the user experience. It [...]


Why Do You Need Copywriting to Sell Your Products?

There’s one thing we all can agree with - Everyone can build an online store and sell products. However, it’s not the same for all, the challenge to convince people to choose your product over the competitors’ is huge. So, how can you enhance the user's attention and motivate visitors to buy your online store’s product? What role would content play in winning the hearts of customers? In this blog, let’s talk about some copywriting tips and tricks to [...]


7 Reasons to Add a Call-to-action in Every Post You Share On Your Social Media

Your CTA or" Calls-to-Action" is a phrase or a group of powerful words of action that prompts your customer to do exactly what you want. CTAs should inspire someone to convert from a "Maybe" into a "Yes" customer.  While many marketers use CTAs in their blogs and digital PRS, they miss adding these action-triggering elements in their social posts. If you are one of these breeds, here’s why you should start using CTAs in your social media content -  CTAs act [...]

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Tips to Market Your New Business With a Limited Budget

Running a business is one thing but bringing success to it is another. The most crucial aspect of a business is making it reach people through extensive marketing efforts. It's exactly where a lot of companies fail due to inadequate budget resources. Unless you are a startup backed by huge capital, marketing requires a lot more than you can imagine. Hence, if you are a newbie and struggling with resources we are here to help. Here are some ways you can [...]


5 Useful Content Marketing Hacks

In this competitive age, most businesses rely heavily on content marketing to win customer’s trust, improve their sales, and create a dominant brand name in their industry. However, posting repetitive and vague content can’t do much in your favour. It is a must to produce and distribute relevant copies that focus on engaging specific target users. Such content can ideally assist marketers in converting traffic into profitable customer response. If you are looking to ramp up your content marketing efforts, there [...]

5 Significant Benefits of Content Marketing

5 Significant Benefits of Content Marketing

Content is king - that’s what they say. And you know what, they are right. Content marketing is the most effective tool to build brand awareness and nurture new leads. It can help you attain maximum online visibility and establish yourself as a dominant name in the industry. It’s well-known that content creation and distribution has helped several companies to skyrocket their sales and nurture engagement. However, if you are indecisive about investing in this marketing tool, take a look at the [...]

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Five Visual Content Types to Use in Your Content Marketing Strategy

The world wide web is getting more complex by each passing day. The content you publish has to compete with a thousand other assets to capture the attention of the target audience. There are fair chances of your content to get lost into the shuffle of content- resulting in little to no user attention. To avoid the situation, you need to share attractive and more engaging content that satisfies the search intent of the user. For that, you need to identify [...]

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What is Keyword Cannibalisation and How to Avoid It?

Do you have different pages targeting one keyword? If yes, you are doing more harm to your website than good. You might have heard about a common misconception that you stand a better chance to rank if you target the same keywords in different web pages. But, the fact is, it has an exactly opposite effect as you are competing with yourself. As a result, you have low CTR, low domain authority, and lower conversions, which is disastrous for your [...]

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Three Content Marketing Myths You Should Not Believe

Content marketing is always an in-demand service. It’s a great way to promote your brand & services and create a loyal customer base. It’s also one of the smartest ways to educate your audience and influence their buying decisions. However, despite being well-aware of the importance of content marketing, many brands struggle to devise their content strategies and bring them into effective action. As per a survey from the Content Marketing Institute, only 42% of companies feel that their organisation executes [...]

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Winning Content Types to Ace Your Marketing Game

“Good content is not just storytelling. It is telling your story well.” Growing competition in cyberspace has made it mandatory for businesses to implement the best content marketing strategies. From bootstrapped startups to thriving multinational corporations, all are leveraging the power of great content to engage their users and convert them to leads. However, with truckloads of content junk irritating the users, your brand must be providing the most relevant and refined content to your audience. Content marketing is of no [...]

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