7 Reasons to Add a Call-to-action in Every Post You Share On Your Social Media

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Your CTA or” Calls-to-Action” is a phrase or a group of powerful words of action that prompts your customer to do exactly what you want. CTAs should inspire someone to convert from a “Maybe” into a “Yes” customer. 

While many marketers use CTAs in their blogs and digital PRS, they miss adding these action-triggering elements in their social posts. If you are one of these breeds, here’s why you should start using CTAs in your social media content – 

CTAs act as a channel

Motivate and entice with CTAs that transit customers at every stage of their buying process. Invoke different actions on different pages your customer lands on. Only you can decide the best CTA for your business. Research and experiment with the options you have until you determine the right one.

Captures user’s attention

A good product is only 30% work while marketing it is 70%. CTA is the solution for this. It can remarkably increase your chances of attracting and increasing your potential customers. More number of clicks means better conversions.

Delivers value to the users

CTA is an instruction for your user to take the following action. What do you want from your user, and why should they do what you expect them to do? 

Well, the answer is to generate value and establish yourself as a customer-centric brand. Check your blog, invite to sign up for a free trial, watch a video, etc. Give your user an eye-catching button creating an easy route to the next step. Turn the CTA into action using phrases like: 

  • Get more tips: Here, you provide the user with additional information about your product. It helps users decide on the purchase.
  • Try for free: It’s a free trial or a demo for users. It is a chance you provide users to experience your product. Many businesses offer this on their website. It is one of the popular CTAs that allow users to experience the product without commitment.
  • Join us: It can be an invitation to apply for an interview or join a collaboration etc. It acts as a signpost for your advertisement. It is a straightforward CTA to let your user know where they are heading to. 

Source: Hubspot 

Creates urgency

Pinpoint what will motivate your user to buy your product. Use your CTA words to guide them to that point. Filter out relevant points and condense them to powerful CTAs that will urge the users to click.

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Solves the need for your user

CTAs inspire action and solve the users’ needs. Your website can cater to different audiences. Prospective users, other businesses, promoters, etc. Place them at appropriate stages and provide an easy but strong CTA to compel them for the next step. 

Acts as a strategic path of conversion

It is a path to provide relevant offers to the customers. 

For better conversions, you should logically place and align your CTAs across different stages of your sales cycle. For example, asking users to fill in personal details before selling the product is not appropriate. Allow them to engage and form an opinion. Placing an active and specific CTA at this stage can increase the chances of conversion.

Inspires the desired action 

Your CTA must act as a funnel to the content that the user can gain or benefit from that page. It is all about how the user engages, understands, and feels about your content. Your page must contain meaningful and action-oriented CTAs throughout.

A well-crafted can CTA is the crucial element to a successful business. Let your CTA be the highlight of your content. It makes the process of users being a visitor to prospect to conversion simpler and progressive. For more such tips, follow Netplanet Digital


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