Ethical Business Practices

Why Netplanet Digital?

Netplanet Digital is a business dedicated to ethical business principles so we promise:

  • To strive to protect the good name of all our clients and deliver services that we believe to be in their best interests
  • To maintain the confidentiality of all information gained as part of our role in your business
  • To ensure that all information presented on behalf of our clients is honest and meets the highest standards of integrity. (Any statement discovered to be false will be immediately removed, for example)
  • To disclose to you any conflicts of interest between ourselves and your business
  • We guarantee never to reveal the details of your business without express permission
  • All property, including intellectual property, will be treated in accordance with the highest standards, and returned in full following the completion of our service

Note: Agreements between Netplanet Digital and any client requesting that we act in an unethical or illegal fashion will be cancelled. Netplanet Digital will no longer act on behalf of such clients.

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