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Netplanet Digital will design an attractive, well-crafted professional website that will make your customers connect with your products or services online. We work with you to implement a strategy to make your customers click, so you can continue to work on your business while your website makes money. Partner with us and see how you can grow your business online and be in control of your online digital marketing.

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Professional Website Design Key Features

  • Website speed optimisation
  • Custom website design
  • WordPress platform
  • Website security and maintenance available
  • Responsive to all devices
  • Designed to impact lead generation
  • SEO friendly website
  • In house website development team
  • Our digital specialists come out to you
  • Design workshop session
  • Training and handover provided with every website

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Creating your corporate website with Netplanet Digital

Step 1

Website (Discovery) Initially, we have a detailed consultation with you, ensuring that we understand exactly what you want and that it will maximise the strengths of your business. Thus you can be assured that your site will end up being both bespoke, and strategically compelling. We thoroughly investigate the way you want your business represented regarding the kind of image you wish to create. Additionally, we clarify your expectations concerning goals, budgets, target markets, reference sites, and materials. We ensure we understand the way you want your website content constructed, too. You are warmly encouraged to give instructions, offer suggestions and ask questions.

Step 2

At Netplanet Digital, this step involves sketching out the architecture of your site; planning for tabs, sections and pages; considering aspects such as the flow and linkages between each of these.

Step 3

Netplanet Digital’s creative team then play inventively with the above information, outlining a possible mock-up for your website. Decisions about everything from layout, to font and colour-palette, to illustration style are considered and tested within the framework of your goals for your online presence. Obviously, you will review our work, and designs can be altered, refined, confirmed and approved in an ongoing fashion.

Step 4

Our website designers construct an exclusive working model, foreshadowing all the elements of the final site. It is deployed to a staging environment where it can be extended, modified, further developed and tested for complete functionality. You, too, will have access to this developing site, so that you may continue to review and request additional aspects of the final version.

Step 5
Creating Content
Creating Content

Our experienced content writers will collaborate fully with you in this area, ensuring that the most appropriate and desirable information and ideas are integral to your site, expressed in the most effective language and using a tone that fits your style. Thus your site’s content can range from being casual and friendly, to businesslike and objectively functional, or on to being formal and impressive. Creating highly effective content for your website means that your business – its objectives, origins, products and services, contact information and catchy slogans are all captured in persuasive, appealing words.

Step 6
Evaluating for Quality Assurance
Evaluating for Quality Assurance

At Netplanet Digital, we take pride in ensuring that our web development has been accomplished to the highest possible standard so that you are happy with the outcome. We believe in utilising the best of contemporary technological and creative tools. Thus, the final evaluation of a completed project, by both you and us, is very significant to our team.

Step 7

Although the above process is a rigorous one, a further careful testing phase takes place at this point in Netplanet Digital’s Website development processes. Our clients, other team members and sometimes even co-opted outsiders combine to use the website, testing all aspects and providing any necessary feedback, to ensure everything is polished and pleasing.

Step 8

Once you are completely satisfied with the final product, Netplanet Digital will be there to celebrate with you, as your new online marketing base – your own individualised website – is set free for the world to explore.

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Every website is individually designed to tell a story and strategically laid out to maximise enquiries. See immediate results; don’t let your competitors dominate your online market place. Be the leader in your market, get the right message out and see how you can turn your browsers into customer.

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