What is Netplanet Digital?

Established in 2000, Netplanet Digital are a holistic agency specialising in not only website design but also Google AdsSEO campaigns and Social media campaigns – meaning your business gets the entire digital marketing package in just one place!

The name ‘Netplanet Digital’ stems from the concept that the internet is its own planet, its own entity, and we know this planet better than anyone.

Founder and CEO, Rita Di Tommaso, conceived Netplanet Digital to provide in-depth, wide-ranging digital marketing assistant to help businesses who wanted to excel and leap ahead of their competitors. She found that businesses are still grappling with how best to take advantage of all the online opportunities available, especially given the ever-changing nature of the digital landscape.

Rita has significant experience in both management and marketing in the digital world, having worked in related roles at Fairfax Media, where she was both a digital specialist and a trainer. She has also worked with Masterton Homes and on Nine to Five Magazine. This wide range of professional experience gives her a unique perspective on digital marketing that few in the industry possess.

The team of digital marketing experts can help boost your business online and generate more leads and customers for your business, through using effective and proven digital marketing strategies.


Netplanet Digital aims to help businesses to grow, through assisting them to develop and deliver high quality, comprehensive and effective online strategies. Netpanet Digital seeks to achieve this by:

  • Being responsive to client desires and needs
  • Frequent meetings and interaction with clients
  • Ensuring clients are fully engaged with us throughout the process of the delivery of our services
  • Ensuring that only the best partners are associated with the development and application of our products
  • Ensuring that all our staff undergo regular training so that they are always fully aware of the latest developments in digital marketing
  • Reviewing the success of our strategies to ensure that they are individually appropriate and effective for each of our clients