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What is Netplanet Digital?

Established in 2000, Netplanet Digital are a holistic agency specialising in not only website design but also Google AdsSEO campaigns and Social media campaigns – meaning your business gets the entire digital marketing package in just one place! The name ‘Netplanet Digital’ stems from the concept that the internet is its own planet, its own entity, and we know this planet better than anyone. The team of digital marketing experts can help boost your business online and generate more leads and customers for your business, through using effective and proven digital marketing strategies.


Netplanet Digital aims to help businesses to grow, through assisting them to develop and deliver high quality, comprehensive and effective online strategies. Netpanet Digital seeks to achieve this by:

  • Our quality of work

Our high calibre standard and quality of work is one of our principles which set us apart from other digital agencies. We wouldn’t be one of the most trusted and successful digital agencies without our high-quality output, and we would not have 100s of happy and successful clients without our first-rate production.

  • Our customised and proven strategies

Our unique and customised designs for each of our clients are the key to what separates our clients from their competitors. We adapt proven strategies to the needs of our clients which delivers the results our clients desire and deserve. This is proven in all our incredible results our clients have achieved from our implemented strategies.

  • Our dedication to excellence

We are dedicated to regularly inspecting, adapting and improving ourselves, our work and the way we operate. Through this, our customers receive work of a high standard, which is why we are one of the best in our industry and why our customers trust us.

  • Our transparency and integrity

We are honest, true and transparent in the way we work with each other and our clients. Our customers and entire delivery team works together to achieve a share goal or outcome which ensures a smooth and easy process for each project.

  • Our customer at the heart

Our solutions and services are primarily built around the needs of the customers who use them. In addition, we value our ability to collaborate with our clients to achieve mutual outcomes, ensuring our client’s experience with us is smooth and enjoyable.

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