Five Visual Content Types to Use in Your Content Marketing Strategy

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The world wide web is getting more complex by each passing day.

The content you publish has to compete with a thousand other assets to capture the attention of the target audience. There are fair chances of your content to get lost into the shuffle of content- resulting in little to no user attention.

To avoid the situation, you need to share attractive and more engaging content that satisfies the search intent of the user. For that, you need to identify what makes content attractive, more engaging, and stimulant for your content marketing campaign.

Experts suggest that our brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. For that reason, the businesses that share visual content grow traffic 12 times faster than others who don’t. If not sure what type of visual content can contribute to your marketing campaign, here we have a list of five top visual content types.

Types of visual content for marketing strategy


Through infographics, you can demonstrate any complex data and statistics into an easy to understand and powerful visual display.

To get the most out of an infographic, it is necessary to create an effective layout and design. Put together the right colours, fonts, shapes, and placement to present the data. Make sure to include correct and relevant information to the infographics. It is possible to vitalise the most boring statistics with impressive infographics.


When you insert compelling images in between your text content, people become more willing to read it till the end.

Images help to characterise your textual content. It can even make text-heavy ebooks engaging with creating a consistent user experience. Marketers quote that articles containing images get 94% more views than those that don’t.


According to the Cisco Annual Internet Report (2018–2023), by 2022, videos will capture 82% of total internet traffic. Busy consumers and professionals who don’t have much time to read the entire article prefer video content over other types of content. The share of such an audience is higher than the others.

Further, videos are incredibly helpful for demonstrating how your product or service can offer solutions to your customers. Several types of videos boost your business such as about-us videos, how-to videos, animated conceptual videos, topic illustrations, or testimonial videos. You can find your video type and start creating and distributing visual content.


Memes are images with humorous captions.

It was hard to believe that memes can become such an important part of content marketing, as it was popularly used amongst college students for entertainment purposes only. However, this oddball has now emerged as easy to create and engaging content. If your brand mostly represents the younger demographics, memes are perfect to include in your marketing strategy.


Screenshots are the easy and best illustration of your product and service.

Through screenshots, you can show exactly how your product and services function for the customers. It is the best way to direct your customers as well as to gain credibility when adding it to testimonials.

Visual content influences your audience to uncover more about your brand. However, when not designed wisely, visual content can break your marketing strategy, but excellent content will definitely add value.

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