Why are Keywords So Important to Drive Traffic and Leads?

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More than 50 per cent of the world population are on the Internet today. With half the population surfing on the World Wide Web, you have unlimited access to these audiences at all times. The medium here is digital marketing.

However, online Marketing is vastly different from other marketing methods that have ever existed. The platform has obscure rules and regulations that keep changing constantly. Search engines, such as Google, keep updating their algorithms to improve the user experience. It often leads to ambiguity towards age-old SEO practices, particularly about their relevance. The importance and usefulness of SEO keywords are one of the concerns.

In this blog, we are going to reflect light on why keywords are still as important as they were before, and more so, if possible. Let’s dive in!

A Brief Guide on Keywords

What are SEO Keywords?

You need to buy a pair of sports shoes in blue colour for your sister. You go to Google to look for them. Help us here – what do you type in the search box?

Shoes; sports shoes; blue sports shoes; blue sports shoes for women/girls; and all the possible permutations of these words.

As soon as you finish your search, a list of web pages appear on your screen – both organic and paid. These are the web pages that bear the relevant answer to your search query and serve you your intent to buy the specific shoes.

These words are aligned to solve the pain points of the customer and reward the businesses with traffic, and probable sales ( or conversion ). These are what is loosely known as keywords.

SEO keywords are simple words or complex phrases that audiences use to search and increase organic search traffic. When businesses use keywords after performing thorough keyword research and optimise them, it connects your target audience to your website.

There has been an unwavering debate going on about whether keywords are dead and still effective or not. We’re confronting it head-on by mentioning the benefits of SEO in your digital marketing and business strategy.

What are the Benefits of Keywords in SEO?

Identifies the Language of Target Market

You’ll find us emphasising a lot on detailed and comprehensive keyword research for your brand and specific categories, be it for products, blogs, or location-based website content.

The primary reason behind it is until you do not do so, you are only ploughing on the surface and publishing generalised content. The keyword research digs up the layers and provides you with an insight into your target audience. You then develop a familiarity with what your audience is looking for and how you should present your brand in their language.

Make Content Visible in Front of the Right People 

We mentioned above how the Internet is home to half of the population. The diverse marketplace seems to be a huge opportunity on the ground level. However, not everyone in the market needs your product or service. More so, you do not need to market your product to everyone.

Your digital marketing practices make sense only when it’s targeting the people who are your potential buyers. The keywords assist you to do so necessarily. The right keywords show your web content in front of the audience who are actively searching for it.

Communicates to Search Engines

Using the right keywords and phrases establish you as a subject matter expert and build the credibility of your brand. It reflects into the business authority and impacts your reputation not only in the eyes of the audience but also in search engines. Since the clickability of your web page increases with the targeted keywords and the bouncing rate eliminates, search engines find your content aligned with the user’s needs and can up-rank you.

Beats the Competitors

The online marketplace projects dense competition. Most of the businesses in your industry are running along with the changing dynamics of the Internet and adopting an omnipresent marketing strategy.

Your audience doesn’t care about the brand, at least not in the beginning. They intend to invest in the right product or service – the minute they find the link that can serve them best, their search ends. With the keyword-enriched content, you can meet your competitors head-on and be relevant for a longer period.

Researching and employing relevant keywords helps you stay ahead of the curve and gives a boost to your digital marketing strategies.

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