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Why is Branding Important to Kick-Start Your Business?

9 out of 10 startups ultimately fail! While this is definitely an overwhelming statistic, the comforting news is the reasons for such failures are often easily remedied.  Before we move forward, answer us this - why do you think most of the startups fail? It’s not because of poor idea selection, insufficient funds, or inaccurate market research. Instead, more than half of the businesses do not make it any further than 5 years for the reason that they fail at marketing [...]


7 Effective Tips to Create a Stunning Brochure Design

Are you looking for ways to create a stunning brochure design? Do you wish to grab the attention of your audience in no time? We are here to help. Here are the 7 amazing tips to elevate your brochure from good to great. Let's get started. Tips to Create an Impressive Brochure Design Know Your Purpose Before You Begin When you begin to think about designing your brochure, ask your clients why do they need one? What makes them think that brochures can be [...]

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Seven Graphic Design Mistakes to Avoid

Graphic design is a mindful skill that involves a lot of work - from company research to illustrating a solid brand image, all has to be done in a clean and precise manner. Well-grounded graphics can portray a company into a trustworthy brand in front of the potential market. On the other hand, even a minor mistake in logo design, colour selection, or poster quality can ruin your branding game. You may have noticed the logos and graphics of conglomerates steal [...]

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Psychology Behind Logo Colours – Select the Right Colour for Your Brand

You love black. Your phone case is black. Your cubes are black. You are wearing all black. But do you also need your logo colour to be black? Not exactly, right? Different colours have a different personality and meaning, and logo colour tells a lot about your business, its values and vision and overall company culture. Thus, selecting the right logo colour is important to convey the right business message and attract the ideal set of customers. When a professional designs [...]

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