Seven Graphic Design Mistakes to Avoid

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Graphic design is a mindful skill that involves a lot of work – from company research to illustrating a solid brand image, all has to be done in a clean and precise manner.

Well-grounded graphics can portray a company into a trustworthy brand in front of the potential market. On the other hand, even a minor mistake in logo design, colour selection, or poster quality can ruin your branding game.

You may have noticed the logos and graphics of conglomerates steal the show at first glance. Their logos and design pieces demonstrate the purpose of their brand without any clutter. It is possible because of the well-thought strategy behind it.

However, this is not the case with startups and mid-size companies. Most of them do not put much time in planning their design strategy and end up creating a lousy market presence. This is likely to shift the customers to your competitors for serious business.

To win customers’ trust and stand tall in the industry, make sure you do not make common graphic design mistakes. Here’s what NOT to do!

Graphic Design Mistakes to Avoid

Using multiple fonts

The first mistake to avoid is to include multiple fonts.

The number of fonts used can differentiate between a professional and a novice design. Too many fonts make it difficult for customers to understand the message.

Include only one font in a smaller design piece like the logo, while you can add a little creativity in the design of larger or more complex design pieces, like the website.

Too many words instead of visuals

Including too many words at the place of visual can deter your audience from navigating your content.

Do not use too many words in the design of infographics and presentations. Just include what is essential and use visual elements smartly to communicate your message.

Not paying attention to line spacing

Providing no breathing room to the lines of text can be displeasing to the eyes of readers. It can degrade the overall design quality of your web page, poster, newsletter, and other marketing materials.

To avoid this mistake, make it a rule of thumb to provide at least 10-15 points line spacing or larger pixels than the font size. It means, if you are considering a font size of 14px, then the line spacing must be a minimum of 24px.

Abrupt colour scheme

Similar to too many fonts, including too many or wrong colours can also make your design disturbing.

Creating a design piece with too many bold colours can distract your target audience. It makes the design look unclear and harder to read. So, try to create a balanced design with the use of both primary colours and secondary colours.

Ignoring hierarchy rules

Visual hierarchy is an important principle of graphic design. It tells about the importance of each element to the viewer. For example, the viewer takes a larger text as a more important message – something you should keep in mind while planning your graphic content.

Further, the flow of design will dictate the navigation of the viewer’s eyes and make them understand what message to draw from the design. It’s advised to use a strategic approach to offer the best value to your users.

Not considering versatility

Your graphic design must be multipurpose. When you create a logo, also think if the same theme is suitable for other promotional products. Creating versatile branding materials can help you go a long way in engaging your target segment and generating more brand awareness.

Overdoing with photoshop

We agree it is exciting to discover new built-in effects of photoshop, but avoid overdoing it, especially when you do not know its proper setting. Remember a design principle – ‘less is more’.

For a great design, it is important to avoid the above-mentioned graphic design mistakes. These simple tips will help you capture the desired attention of your audience and build a distinctive brand.

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