7 Effective Tips to Create a Stunning Brochure Design

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Are you looking for ways to create a stunning brochure design?

Do you wish to grab the attention of your audience in no time? We are here to help. Here are the 7 amazing tips to elevate your brochure from good to great.

Let’s get started.

Tips to Create an Impressive Brochure Design

Know Your Purpose Before You Begin

When you begin to think about designing your brochure, ask your clients why do they need one? What makes them think that brochures can be a good idea? Furthermore, ask them to define their objectives. A lot of times they might not even be sure of creating a brochure and start by citing that this might work for them. So, figure out and ask them.

This will give you clarity of what they’re wanting to achieve. Their goals and your creativity together can create the brochure you need.

Restrict on the Font Section

Yes, we are aware of the fact that there are hundreds and thousands of fonts you can use. Some people believe that using different fonts can attract more audience. If you think alike, relax.

You don’t need many fonts, just a decent one for heading, subheading, and body copy. Don’t fall for trendy fonts that no one has used before as these are of no use. Select a font that is simple and matches the corporate identity of your clients.

Take Stock of Your Paper Stock

Before putting pen to paper,  clear your doubts regarding the paper stock. Ask them if they want a standard A4 or another size. Also, the type of paper is important. Are they considering an uncoated paper or a coated one? If they are unsure about the paper selection process, you can guide them through it. However, ensure to listen to them first.

Get Your Copyright

Well, you may not be happy to know but a brilliant copy is important for an excellent brochure design. Great copy is often undervalued in brochure designing. A lot of times people don’t even consider copy as a part of brochure design. However, you make sure to include the brochure design concept right from the beginning of your project so that you can refine them later.

Keep Your Readers in Mind

What is the outcome of your brochure? Your readers. So, when thinking of how to design a brochure, keep your outcome in mind. How is this brochure going to be? Is it for a website campaign? Is it for an exhibition or a giveaway? What will your readers perceive upon seeing this brochure? Keep yourself in the shoes of your readers and design it for them.

Use Simple Language

If you believe that adding fancy elements especially language can make your brochure stand out, maybe you are at fault. The simpler your brochure, the more your chances of getting the attention. If your client demands to add fancy or cliche elements, tell them a no. Keep it simple yet appealing.

Set Pen to Paper

Break out the layout pad and sketch down your ideas. Do a lot of brainstorming with others. Respect their ideas and create two to three designs to see which one the client hates the least.

Brochure design is a crucial part of the marketing process. Hence, making it right is a huge task. However, you can do it right by simply being up to Mark, simple, and appealing. Easy enough, right?

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