7 Secret Hacks to Create Stunning Website Designs

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The saying- ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression is one of relevance and importance as any business owner, particularly when talking about your brand’s website. As one of the primary initial touch-points between you and your potential consumer, your website’s first impression is crucial in ensuring you capture your audience’s attention. The average attention span of an adult in 2021 is 12 seconds, and this is number is decreasing with each younger generation.  If your website design fails to impress your audience on their first visit, you’ve lost them. You don’t get a second chance and they move to your competitor.

The statistics clearly show the strong relationship between first impressions and website design. 94% of first impressions depend on website design. Therefore, it’s important to create an attractive landing page for your website.

We are here with some secret hacks that you must know to create a truly awesome website. Get rid of sluggish and boring websites with these tips and tricks.

Keep it Simple

Simple, straightforward, and minimal websites are becoming the new trend. Designers and website owners are loving this concept. However, don’t mistake simplicity with an absence of creativity. Simple websites can also be beautiful, attractive, and catchy.

Simplicity refers to keeping the website clean, systematic, and spacious by removing unnecessary elements. Add just the elements that are functional. Consider your elements here and ensure they are cohesive with the theme of your website and wider branding. The simpler the designs, the better the user experience. Also, they are lightning fast at loading which reduces the bounce rate.

Avoid Putting Background Music on Your Website

To set the mood for your website, you may want to add music to add some flavour. Quite understandable! It might work but, unfortunately, the majority of the time, it doesn’t. It may annoy your users especially when they are in the workspace. Moreover, music files eat large space making the webpage loading slow. As known, the audience may shift to your competitors if they’re made to wait for too long.

Include White Space

White space, also known as negative space, helps in reducing noise on your website pages. With the elimination of noise, your user can concentrate better on the main content i.e., the content you want them to focus on. Your website won’t have any diversions, just the call to action button and the main content. This will help you with the conversion rates.

Effective Colour Arrangement

Keeping the colour scheme bright and uncomplicated not just makes a website visually appealing but also helps in dividing the webpage interface. Using carefully selected colours, you can draw the attention of users to the section you want to. Avoid using too many colours on your page, and stick to a theme that matches your branding. Instead, for variations, use different shades of the same colour to create depth and difference.

Don’t Try to Fool Search Engines

Using invisible text to stuff tons of keywords, including non-organic backlinks, and several other tricks might have garnered web traffic in the past, but they don’t work now. Search engines have become too savvy. Strictly adhere to genuine web practices or Google might have to say goodbye to your website.

Avoid Using Framesets

It sure is difficult to arrange HTML in terms of layout. But the positioning through CSS is much easier. Plenty of browsers support it quite well.

It is difficult for beginners to put together the framesets properly. Moreover, it increases the complexity of the website and makes the website crawling difficult for search engines.

Don’t Use Page Counters

Adding a page counter on your website makes you look amateur.

It may look cool to have a page counter on your website that counts the number of incoming visitors using advanced technologies. But any credible web host already has several ways to have the precise count of the website visitors. It looks unprofessional when your visitors are those who already have their websites or blogs and they know you don’t need a page counter on the website.

Also, page counters create problems in your web designing, especially when you are trying to paste them from somewhere else. If they have some codes attached to other websites, they may also want to draw more traffic on their website.

The aforementioned secret hacks can help you create a stunning website design that’s bound to make the visitor scroll down. However, if you are not a professional website designer, it’s always good to outsource it from professionals.

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