Psychology Behind Logo Colours – Select the Right Colour for Your Brand

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You love black. Your phone case is black. Your cubes are black. You are wearing all black. But do you also need your logo colour to be black? Not exactly, right?

Different colours have a different personality and meaning, and logo colour tells a lot about your business, its values and vision and overall company culture. Thus, selecting the right logo colour is important to convey the right business message and attract the ideal set of customers.

When a professional designs a logo, they consider how people would react to the logo design. A branding expert analyses the entire motto and meaning of a logo because it is not just the face of the brand but way more than that. A good logo possesses a strong visual identity that makes a connection of the brand with people.

Further, research suggests that 80 per cent brand recognition increases with logo colour. With that being the case, it’s wise to find the right logo colour for your company’s branding.

The psychology behind logo colours in logo design

Often the role of colour is wrongly interpreted. Not only by the clients, but even designers also do the same due to the plentiful availability of vibrant colour schemes on the Internet. And to ruin more, some clients provide the clear specification that they want green colour in their logo, and others specify red without even having knowledge of the psychology of colour in logo design. As a result, the logo turns out to be a big failure to capture the attention and imagination of the sightseer.

It is important for the client and designer both to understand that colours communicate a special meaning. The best colours can rejuvenate even the simplest logo and help you build a solid brand identity.

However, assigning a colour to a logo for the sake of completing the attribute is going to make your logo look bad. Selecting the appropriate colour plan and using the right colour shades is the biggest milestone to achieve a successful logo design.

Popular logo colours and their psychological impact


Most of the brand logos are in blue.

Facebook, Twitter and other social media have blue as an in view colour in their page designs. Also, logos of large-scale enterprises such as IBM, Pepsi, Intel, HP and others have mostly blue in their logos. Blue is so demanding because it has a calming impact on viewers. Designers use this colour to represent confidence, clarity and success.


Black is the colour of strength and power – it is a colour of dominance.

A brand uses black when they want to create a feeling of authority and wants to represent itself as powerful and beyond comparison in its niche market. Companies such as Gucci, Adidas, CHANEL and Nike have black colour in their logos.


Grey goes well with other colours; it increases the popularity of the use of grey colour in logos. It is a neutral shade that brings a cold feeling to one’s mind. However, many designers go for grey rather than black to give a different meaning to the logo. Grey represents modesty with authority. Apple, Hyundai and Homewood Suites are examples of world-known companies that have grey in their logo.

Designing a logo is a lot more about the psychology of onlookers and thus needs an expert to design a successful logo.

Do you need a perfect logo for your company? Contact our graphic design and branding experts! We will help you build an eye-catchy visual identity that resonates with your brand ethos and marketing goals. To discuss more, connect with us for a free 30-minute consultation.

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