How Can Video Marketing Grow Your Business?

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Content is king.

If you’re even remotely interested in marketing, you have heard of video marketing.

However, the definition of what works as content has changed over the years.

If we recap a few years, blogs and articles were the showstoppers. Rightly so, they did a pretty good job at informing and engaging the readers.

However, the advent of YouTube made people realize there exists a better way of consuming information than text. It’s videos!

In 2022, video marketing was the number one form of media used in content strategy. The blogs and info-graphics were left far behind. And the popularity of videos continues!

If you want to know why, here’s a closer look at how video marketing can revolutionize your branding by your local SEO agency in Sydney.

Why are Videos so Vital for Your Digital Marketing in Sydney?

According to statistics, 86% of marketers now use video.

That’s an extraordinary number!

Why is that?

Why the crazy hype for video marketing in every digital marketing agency in 2023?

Well, the following insights have answers for you:

These statistics clearly state the popularity of video content in 2023. 

5 Ways Video Marketing Can Boost Your Online Presence

1. Captivates Engagement

Do you know videos help absorb information more than any other medium? It’s true – viewers retain 95% of a message through video, compared to just 10% through text.

In today’s world of marketing, customer engagement is the golden ticket to brand loyalty and customer conversion. Thanks to videos, they tell compelling stories and convey intricate ideas simply and interestingly.

2. Builds Emotional Resonance

Our brain is wired to respond to stories and emotions. Therefore, if a brand leverages video to tell its story, its message etches into our memory, activating factors like empathy, trust, and relatability.

According to our digital agency, Dove, the hair and skin care brand does it best! Remember its “Real Beauty” campaign? It marketed itself as a brand that cares about its users by touching on the issues of self-esteem and body positivity in its videos.

3. Allows to Leverage Social Media Fully

Instagram Stories, TikTok, and Reels are fertile ground for video marketing. All you have to do is create catchy and valuable videos, and the social media platforms’ algorithms will take care of the rest of the job. The engaging video formats capture attention and drive traffic to your social accounts.

Moreover, videos stand tallest when it comes to the potential of virality. Be it a heartwarming ad, a humorous skit, or a thought-provoking message, a good video can spread like wildfire across social media platforms.

4. Boosts SEO and Visibility

Here’s a shocking revelation for you – videos are 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google search results!


Well, it’s simple. When you scroll a Google search result page, what catches your eye more – a block of text or a captivating video thumbnail? Moreover, since videos inform users effectively, search engines like Google prioritize video content.

5. Showcases Products & Services Creatively

As a business owner, you must want to create an engaging demo for your product or service. Videos can help you there – they can showcase your product/service in action, address user concerns, and highlight its benefits – all within a few minutes.

The best example here is Apple. Isn’t Apple’s videos unveiling its launches attention-grabbing and informative?


Video marketing is no more an optional strategy.

Today, competition is fierce, and attention spans are fleeting. Video marketing becomes imperative in such dynamics. It can breathe life into your stale marketing and give a new narrative to your branding.

So if you’re ready to embrace digital marketing, let Netplanet Digital take over your video production. We are a digital marketing agency in Sydney, helping you convey your message loud and clear. As a leading SEO company in Sydney, we deliver data-backed results with comprehensive video marketing services.

Book a free 30-minute strategy call with our experts today!

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