How to Create a Facebook Fan Page?

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Got a great business to flourish? Fantastic!

But, have you thought about how you are going to promote it? Do you have any strategy in your mind to reach a wider audience? Well, no worries if you are still in thinking mode because we have done the task for you.

Wondering, what?

Facebook fan page – a proven tool for marketing your business. Why proven? Because it is helping businesses irrespective of their size to grow and turn into a brand.

Take a look at the stats.

There are 2.4 billion users on Facebook as of today. Millions of people are logging on to their accounts daily. You can now imagine what kind of fan base you are going to get via Facebook.

So let’s get started.

Steps to Create a Compelling Facebook Fan Page

Head towards your Facebook account quickly. After logging on, go to “Create Page” section.

Which category does your page belong to?

From available options, choose the category that best suits your business type. If it is for your blog or company’s website, you can click on “Brand or Product”.

Fill in the details after selecting the website from the drop-down menu and follow these steps:

  • Think of an eye-catchy name for your brand.
  • Hit Get Started
  • Describe your page.
  • Add an avatar that depicts your business.
  • Complete your website details and hit “Continue”.

Use your Fan Page Wall Creatively

The fan page wall is for you to connect with your audience. It, therefore, depends on you how to utilise it to attract them. You can add images, text, videos, tag people, share your posts and a lot more to grab your followers attention.

Configure Facebook Fan Page Settings

You can define the functionality of your fan page by configuring the page settings. Control every activity on your page and make it respond on your behalf. From general page settings to seeking support, Facebook provides a comprehensive set of options to you in the settings section.

Fan Page as a Facebook Profile

Well, this sounds a great idea to engage in direct conversations with the audience. You can treat your fan page as a profile and like and comment on other pages as well. Leverage the benefit of scrolling around other pages and expanding your reach.

Your Facebook Page Also Needs SEO

To come up quickly in the Facebook search results, make sure the “About” section of your page holds the keyword strategy. It is just like a meta description you add for the search engine to help them spot your website. Ensure that the contents of the section allow your Facebook fan page to rank for target keywords.

Don’t Forget to Keep Track of the Activities

Facebook enables you to keep an eye on the progress of your fan page. Whatever you post or share on your page, reactions on your posts, comments, and shares give you an insight on how your page is performing. You can measure how far you have gone with your business promotion.

There is more to the Facebook fan page after taking it on board. Sending invites, promoting it with the help of paid advertisements, scheduling your work, managing an editorial calendar, and so on. Once you create a basic structure of your page, you will upgrade to the next steps if you follow a brain-churned strategy. Be clear with your goals and get set go!

We hope this was a useful read. We at Netplanet Digital offer comprehensive social media marketing services – from creating social profiles to active management and monitoring, we do it all so you don’t have to.

Book a FREE 30-minute consultation to get started.

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