How to Write Powerful Instagram Bios?

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Instagram – how we all love this social platform!

From checking reels, to sending hearts, and sharing photos and videos, Instagram provides us with one of the best channel to engage with the community and seek some easy entertainment. However, in these competitive times, brands are now using this powerful platform to build awareness and strategically connect with their target audience.

If you too want to grow your IG fandom, it is a must for you to invest time into planning a compelling Instagram bio. These 150 characters are the introduction to your business, they can let your audience know who you are and what you do, and play an important role in the first impression your page makes. Finding the correct way to use your IG bio can help you capture the attention of your audience, drive engagement, and generate future conversions.

Why care about Instagram bio?

As discussed, a well-written Instagram bio can do wonders for your business-

  • A great bio informs the viewer about the relevant information you want them to know.
  • It will highlight your strengths in the same way a resume does.
  • It gives the viewer a sense of professionalism.
  • A creative bio can provide some sense of your personality so that your target market can relate to you on a personal level as well.
  • A well-written business bio puts a personal face on your service and makes prospects feel more comfortable about your brand.

That being said, here are some smart tips to create credible, yet awesome, Instagram bio content for your profile.

Five smart steps to write a killer Instagram bio

An Instagram bio lets people know more about you and what you are good at. Unfortunately, most professional Instagram bios are stale and boring. They lack depth and inspiration. Follow the tips below to spark interest and make your bio look super interesting.

Find out the keywords about who YOU are

The initial step has to be free flow. Without thinking too much, just write down some keywords. It can be about your interests, activities, philosophies, and hobbies or other things you accomplished. No business-related keywords, focus only on personal for now.

When you prepare a list of about 10-15 keywords, shortlist 3 or 4 of the most attractive traits. If it’s still hard for you, ask those you know, how they might describe you and your business. This allows you to create a genuine persona that is both realistic and credible.

Write down keywords about your business

The second step is to pick the business keywords.  Regardless of the size of your online business, do thorough keyword research based on a general keyword that you want to use.

Use brand-specific hashtags

Include the brand-specific hashtags in the bio. This will draw the attention of the viewer to your bio. Instead of using hashtags that are specific to your brand, using in-trend hashtags will bring more visibility among Instagrammers.

Add URLs

Add links to your business website in a way that the URL can be tracked through analytics. This helps bring traffic from Instagram to your website that will result in conversions for your business.

Give a sneak peek to your followers

To make the bio less formal, try to add a touch of humour and creativity by using line breaks or emojis. This will make people remember you even after they have closed the page or clicked away.

Your Instagram followers will first go through your profile, if they find it interesting or informative then only they will start following you.

While Instagram is usually overlooked as a ‘not-so-useful social media platform,’ it has the potential to give your brand quick recognition, provided you use a powerful Instagram bio.

These are just a few tips to consider when writing an Instagram bio to market your business online. If you need more ideas, contact Netplanet Digital experts. We specialise in both copywriting and social media marketing and can assist you in acing your Instagram game.

To get further details, feel free to book a free 30-minute online consultation call today.

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