3 Landing Page Optimisation Tips to Boost Your Conversions

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Today, the world seems to have embraced digital transformation. From conglomerates to local merchants, all are using websites, social media, and online marketing strategies to attract their ideal customers.

If you too are one among these, you must have heard about the importance of landing page optimisation. It refers to the process of improving or optimising the elements of the landing page to increase conversions. In this process, instead of creating or changing the entire webpage, you strategically tweak certain elements that help you achieve your conversion goals.

In this article, we have shortlisted three effective landing page optimisation tactics that will help you influence your target audience – far better than your competitors. Take a look.

Landing page optimisation tips for higher conversions

If you want to improve the conversion rates of your website, opt for landing page optimisation using analysed data and best optimisation practices.

Your landing page must appeal to your target segment to stay, engage, and take your desired actions. Here’s how you can make this happen –

1. Create a relevant landing page

First things first – make sure you direct the audience to the relevant page.

Your visitors land to your page through some PPC ads or social media ads; make sure you land them to the page that is relevant to those ads. If they don’t find the content relevant to the ad they click, they will leave your site – which you don’t want to happen.

So, whenever you optimise a landing page, you need to think about what visitors will search when they get directed. What are their expectations and buying plans? Pay attention to such aspects and you will get better results in the form of higher sales and conversions.

2. Make your landing page clean and fuss-free

Next, it is important that your landing page is free from unnecessary clutter and is understandable to your visitors.

When you direct visitors to your site, you do it with a goal. You want them to check out your offer, product, or services. To let them get your information correctly, keep your page clean.
Don’t make your landing page a clutter of plenteous information. You need to keep your landing page specified to make your visitors focused. Don’t overload it with videos, images, and content in plenty, as it might distract or repel your visitors.

3. Keep important information above the digital fold

Above the digital fold means keeping the info above the point where the user needs to scroll to get more information.
Consider this to be like a newspaper, where the most interesting stories are printed on the front page – above the traditional newspaper fold. The same thing you need to do with your landing page elements to engage and influence your potential customers.

Tip: If you have multiple important information to share on a single landing page, you can provide a scroll map above the fold. It can help the visitors to easily find the content of their interest.
Still, we would suggest you to keep headline, a brief content, and a CTA above the average fold of different devices.

So these are our top three tips for landing page optimisation – implement these and experience the difference!

However, if all this sounds tricky to you, trust the experts. Netplanet Digital team can help you create a high-performing landing page that will help you hit your conversion goals with relative ease. To know more, you can book a free 30-minute strategy call with us.

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