Three Content Marketing Myths You Should Not Believe

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Content marketing is always an in-demand service. It’s a great way to promote your brand & services and create a loyal customer base.

It’s also one of the smartest ways to educate your audience and influence their buying decisions.

However, despite being well-aware of the importance of content marketing, many brands struggle to devise their content strategies and bring them into effective action. As per a survey from the Content Marketing Institute, only 42% of companies feel that their organisation executes content marketing constructively.

Without precise implementation, companies receive lower conversion rates and often leave their content campaign halfway down the journey.

Content marketing challenges

As per a report, 92% of companies affirm that high-quality content production is valuable, however, only 54% of them raise their proficiency to execute this marketing activity effectively. This is because it’s easy to accept the importance of the thing but harder to put it into practice; it’s a perpetual issue.

Some of the common challenges that marketers face include –

  • Regular posting of fresh content marketing material
  • Low traction on a high-value content
  • Not finding market-relevant content – reinventing the wheel for no good reason
  • Not knowing the best content marketing channels
  • Using an uninspiring or age-old content writing approach

Further, It is to be noted that many businesses get misdirected with content marketing myths that prevent them from deploying a successful strategy. Their limited knowledge blurred by myths hurt the performance of their content marketing campaign.

Today, we are here to debunk some content marketing myths to help you move in the right direction. Take a look.

Content marketing myths to unbelieve

A few common myths around content marketing that are afloat in the market –

1. High-quality content is sufficient

Not true – there’s more to it.

Earlier, marketers believed high amounts of content makes you rank high, but now the creators have raised the content quality bar. Today, writing super-long, quality content is not sufficient to drive traffic to your page.

Content marketing only heads in the right direction when you put ample time in conveying the content to the right audience. It is necessary to promote your content units in relevant communities, reach out to build backlinks, and take part in paid advertisements.

2. The content you share should always promote your brand

It is obvious you are considering content marketing to achieve your business goals. For that, you need to incorporate content marketing with KPIs and ensure it is collecting a healthy ROI.

However, straight up promoting your product in your content will make your audience leave. It makes you sound like a seller, not like a brand who cares.

To create a broader awareness of your brand, you can write solutions to the issues that your product or experts can solve. It will naturally allow you to write about your brand.

3. It is required to produce content every single day and be on all digital platforms

You can take a sigh of relief – you need not create fresh content every day and distribute it on all channels.

It is very difficult to publish content on a daily basis – even impossible for most businesses. Many subjects need much effort to write & edit as they need to span between multiple team members to maintain content quality and accuracy. Especially for a small company, publishing daily blog posts and being active on multiple platforms isn’t the best use of their resources.

There’s so much content noise over the web and to stand out without outstanding quality is quite impossible. The people who get higher visibility on every platform are the experts in their domain and have taken several years to reach there, so don’t get fooled by watching them performing well. Take your time, post your content at a strategic pace on relevant channels, and you’ll see a difference soon.

If you don’t want to get trapped between such content marketing myths, Netplanet Digital is here to help you. You can trust our experts to design & execute the best content and digital marketing strategies for your company.

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