5 Instagram Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

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There’s no denying that Instagram has emerged as one of the best promotional platforms for modern-marketers. They target the huge chunk of people soaking Instagram feed for hours and hours to sell products and build positive brand awareness. However, many of these marketing experts fail to leverage the platform to its full potential. They make some naive Instagram marketing mistakes and end up getting below average results from their IG campaigns.

If you want to ace Instagram marketing, make sure you are not making Instagram mistakes mentioned below –

Poor User Experience with the Link in Bio

The first mistake is the link you provide to your followers or users in the bio. Many businesses pass standard links by mistake in their bio to drive traffic; so, when they click on the link, they have to sign in first. Now when this formality of signing in comes in, many users leave the website or video because they don’t want to get into that hassle and waste their time. So, the right solution is to paste a deep link in place of a standard link that directly takes your followers to the desired location without letting them sign in.

No Captions on IG Stories

Many content creators and entrepreneurs are creating fabulous content; still, they lack retention. It is because they aren’t adding captions to their IG story videos.

When you scroll through Instagram, you might have observed that Instagram videos are automatically muted, and you have to unmute them to listen to what the other person is conveying. But, you have to understand the audience behavior where people hardly take the pain to unmute the videos, and they just scroll through the feed non-stop. So, what’s the solution? You should add captions to your videos and images to get the message loud and clear where people don’t even need to stay on your video, still, they get the message about what is being talked about in the post.

Ignoring Highlights

Another blunder that people make on Instagram is not leveraging their highlights. Now supposedly, you are an educator and delivering high-value content through your IG videos.

What’s the use if people miss it? What we mean here is that story videos stay for 24 hours, and there are chances that everyone may not have to watch your video spot on. So, you may lose followers in this case because people may not get your lessons when they want. In this case, you should have a dedicated space for such original and valuable content.

We would recommend you to use your highlights section and post such videos there as they are going to stay there forever, and at least your followers would see it when they want.

Not Watermarking Your Content

Like other social media platforms, Instagram has also a bunch of copy cats who steal your content and paste it on their wall, claiming it to be their original content. In this case, you should never forget to double watermarking your content as it makes it hard for them to crop your content and steal it.

Another great advantage of this practice is that even if someone is sharing your content seeing the double watermark, people may recognize your brand and profile. They may straightaway come to your Insta page and keep an eye on your content and become your follower if they like your content.

Sharing Influencers Post without Tagging Them

If you are a small entrepreneur or a startup and you share big influencers’ posts to increase your followers without tagging them, you are making a mistake. People just click that airplane button and share the post without tagging the big influencers. But, remember to tag them because they may never get notified that you have shared their content on your post. Also, it keeps you from a large section of the audience who is following them. So, you should always tag them as it may improve your presence and increase your followers too!

We hope this was an insightful read. Get in touch with social media marketing experts at Netplanet Digital to plan your content. We are experts in planning strategic campaigns that yield the best results. Contact us here to know more.


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