Everything You Need to Know About Google Maps Marketing

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In today’s modern age, maintaining a positive online presence is essential to all businesses. It keeps your business relevant and accessible for users. In fact, prospective customers are often hesitant to deal with businesses with little or no online presence.

Fortunately, Google Maps has made it simple and convenient for businesses to mark their online presence. When used correctly, Google Maps helps your customer to find you on Google, look for your store/office location, get driving directions and many other important details.

In this blog, we will cover Google Maps marketing, right from the basics!

What is Google Maps Marketing?

Google Maps marketing is the optimisation of your business presence on Google My Business profile to increase your exposure on search engines. This strategy is helpful in increasing your business’s visibility.

It is a very helpful tool for business owners who are trying to position themselves on search engines. Although it’s an equally efficient marketing tactic for all kinds of businesses, regardless of the scale, small businesses can benefit greatly from it.

If your profile is rightly optimised according to the requirements of Google Maps marketing, the chances of it showing up on Google Maps search results for your relevant business type in the local area goes higher.

Why is Google Maps Marketing Important?

Google Maps marketing is crucial in attracting an audience and to improve your appearances on the search results. Let’s understand it through the following insights-

  • Google Maps is an effective tool to drive mobile traffic to your website. More than 30% of searches on mobile are location-based.
  • Local searches are growing 50% faster than all-in-all mobile searches.
  • Searchers like to use the click-to-call function directly from the SERPs (search engine results pages).
  • Searches with the “Near me” phrase have increased by 500% in a span of two years.
  • Local Google searches result in sales where 76% are searching for local products visiting a store within the day.

Google Maps marketing impacts the way Google sees your business online profile. Moreover, it impacts the way your business appears in organic search. Therefore, proper Google Map optimisation is necessary for businesses.

How to Get a Better Rank in Google Maps?

Google Maps consider various factors while deciding how to rank results.

The geographic distance of the store from the person performing the search and the business category is the prime factor.

The accuracy and completion of the Google My Business listing also play a major role. It acts as a tie-breaker between you and your competitors for appearing in the search results.

Reviews are also a deciding factor. If users have given positive reviews to your business listing, the search engine will give you a priority over others, given other elements are optimised properly.

What is the Process for Google Maps Optimisation?

To showcase your business in Google Maps for relevant searches, follow the process below:

  • List your business in Google Maps.
  • Fill out the required information:
    1. Accurate business address
    2. Business days and hours
  • Link to make a purchase
  • List your offerings clearly. Try to add the keywords naturally if possible.
  • Select the common and relevant categories for your business.
  • Keep the information consistent across the web.
  • Add high-quality business-related photos.
  • Make sure every information provided is accurate and updated.
  • List your business in different directories.
  • Build strategies using analytics.
  • Track your performance on Google Maps.

When someone types a keyword or searches for a query, Google Maps listings often pop up in search results. A Google Map result usually appears above all the organic search results. This alone is an imperative reason to utilise Google Maps marketing and rank higher for your product or service keywords.

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