Ecommerce SEO and Examples of Brands Doing it Right

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is undeniably one of the essential features for building a successful ecommerce brand. About 85% of consumers will conduct research online before making a purchase. So, you have to focus on ecommerce SEO to propel your business forward.

We have seen top sites crush it when it comes to ecommerce SEO. The high sales and conversions some ecommerce websites make are due to their ability to drive traffic to their site. So, if you own a business, focus on your online visibility by incorporating the right SEO strategies, and you’ll see leads converting into sales.

One of the most important aspects of ecommerce SEO is the keyword. However, you cannot know what target words to use without first learning about your audience.

You must keep in mind your audiences’ behaviour when building content in search engines. You should notice a significant difference in the ROI when you diligently incorporate ecommerce SEO.

Read this article to learn more about why ecommerce SEO is vital and examples of brands doing it right! Also, you can get started with an online marketing consultant Sydney to leverage your ecommerce site and get more sales easily.

Top Benefits of Ecommerce SEO

To begin with, ecommerce SEO is the process of making your online brand more visible in search engines. You can sell excellent products in high demand, but potential customers never find out about you. This is where ecommerce SEO comes in handy!

Did you know that 37.5% of ecommerce website traffic comes from searches? With the right ecommerce SEO, a potential customer will come across your products by just doing a simple search online.

SEO ensures that you rank high on search engines, get more website visits, potential customers see you easily and eventually, they’ll convert into sales. Also, using ecommerce SEO drives free traffic to your site; you do not have to pay Google considerable amounts to rank your website high.

Steps to Take to Realize Full Benefits of SEO Ecommerce

It’s as simple as keeping the user’s intent in mind. These can either be navigational, transactional, informational or commercial. Now, optimize your page based on what your audiences require. Some steps you can take include:

1. Using Detailed Product Descriptions

Ensure that your product description clearly states what the potential customer will expect. What enquiry can the customer make when searching for the product?

An optimized product description gives your page an upper hand in ranking. Make sure to tackle all critical questions customers might ask when writing the product descriptions.

2. Incorporate Interactive Titles

If you know your users’ search intent, create a title that matches this! An example of a good and interactive title can include the brand of the product you are selling, the model, and the type.

3. Include Product Review

The biggest blessing to a business is a customer’s reviews! When a customer shares their experience with the products they interacted with, it gives other potential confidence to purchase from you.

Ecommerce Brand That is Doing it Right

You don’t have to spend so much on pain ads; do ecommerce SEO right! Several sites have proved to make good money by incorporating SEO well. They focus on targeting customers, bringing leads into the business then converting them into sales.


Etsy is a global marketplace for buying and selling hand-made goods. One thing that has made Etsy successful is updating its content daily – A crucial aspect for SEO.

Furthermore, the main menu for Etsy is easy to use. This platform also has a banner containing popular items people purchase at a specific time. The “keywords by intent” that Etsy incorporates are also sharp, giving it a vital place online.

Like Overstock, Etsy also has core web vitals that help people see the website faster. These and many more aspects are hard to handle, but a qualified SEO agency Campbelltown can do it for you to ensure that your brand performs well.

Wrapping up

Ecommerce SEO can do wonders for your business, but it won’t come easy. You have to strive to appear on the first page of search engines. This means that you are customer-oriented, find ways to bring potential to your site and ensure they purchase from you.

If you are in Sydney and are struggling with building a solid brand online, worry no more. Net Planet Digital are SEO consultants Sydney that will help with ecommerce SEO to boost your online visibility.

We are experts in this field and ensure that we drive traffic to your site and convert this into sales! Book a free 30-minute strategy call to get your business started with ecommerce SEO.

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