Top 5 Reasons to Choose WordPress to Build Your Website

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Owning a well-designed website is the key to create brand awareness and pump up conversions. However, Statistics suggest that only 53% of small businesses currently have their websites ready and active.

The sad part is a large number of small & mid-size businesses never plan to get a website! Most of these businesses are preoccupied with the thought that web development would cost them a fortune. Perhaps these businesses aren’t aware of WordPress, one of the most popular and pocket-friendly website creation tools.

The WordPress Saga

WordPress powers more than 32% of the web, and the numbers are increasing at a tremendous rate. This user-friendly CMS allows you to build your website and publish your content without having any need to learn complicated programming languages.

Considering its utmost utility and growing market demand, we present you the top 5 reasons to choose WordPress for building your website so that you no longer lag behind your competitors in catering to a global audience; here you go –

Affordable Website Development

Developing a website through a traditional HTML-based development model can be a pricey affair.
One, you will have to spend a hefty sum in hiring a web developer for getting your HTML web pages designed. Next, you will have to incur high hosting and maintenance charges that may well extinguish your marketing budget.

On the other hand, WordPress is free, open-source software, and is perfect for small businesses that are not ready to spend large chunks of money in the initial stage. It can be easily downloaded, used, and modified for free. The only charges you will have to incur is in acquiring a domain name and a good web hosting service provider.

Innumerable Theme Options

WordPress themes are one of the primary factors that entice startups and enterprises across the globe. No matter what the nature of your business is, you will find just the right theme for your website. Say you are a travel agency and need an elegant travel theme that can hook your visitors. All you need to do is browse WordPress travel themes, and you will be presented with thousands of beautiful options to choose from. You can find a good theme and customize it to suit your business needs.


WordPress designed web pages are SEO-friendly and rank higher than their competitors because of its CMS framework. Through user-friendly plugins like Yoast SEO, WordPress simplifies the process of getting top positions on SERP and attract more visitors. From inserting headlines to descriptions, keywords, ALT tags, and more, WordPress brings everything that the search engines’ spiders crawl and consider.

Easy Content Management

WordPress dashboard is the perfect place where you can experiment with plenty of useful functions. No matter you want to upload multimedia content using a drag-and-drop interface, need to schedule a post, have a plan to add a widget to customize a sidebar, or something else, WordPress has got you covered. You need not write a single line of code and still, you manage your website content without any trouble or coder assistance.

Safe and Secure

Safety is the foremost aspect that users look for before availing services of CMS. Any data leak could be quite damaging to the brand and can cause financial loss or defamation.
Hackers out there are always looking for vulnerable platforms that can be targeted to gain confidential information. Hence, it becomes crucial that the necessary security controls are in place.
WordPress constantly updates its platform and plugins to check security issues and fix vulnerabilities. With some caution from the users, the chances of any security breach become unlikely.

We hope you find this blog useful.

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