How to Choose the Right Web Hosting Service?

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“Web Hosting Server is the lifeline of every website. It should be up and running 24/7.” ― Dr. Chris Dayagdag

With time, your target audience grows, and this calls for rapid scalability. If your web hosting server is not robust enough to accommodate sudden bursts in traffic, it can cause your website to fall apart.

A poor web hosting service can make your website prone to downtime and impact your revenue, thus hurting your brand value and business. It can also act as an invitation to security & malware attacks and make you a prey of notorious hackers.

To avoid security breach and losing customer trust, it is imperative to choose a reliable web hosting service that boasts excellent up-time track record and offers the best technical support.
However, there are several web hosting providers in the market and finding the best from the lot is no easy feat. This is why we are here today – we have listed for you some key points that are worth-considering before opting for a hosting service.

But before moving any further, let us help you recall the most popular web hosting choices available –

Shared Web Hosting

When your website is hosted on a server shared by other websites, it is a form of shared web hosting service. It is quite affordable as the cost of hosting gets shared among the users.  However, on the flip side, the performance of your webpage gets affected based on the traffic generated by other users.

Dedicated Web Hosting

Unlike shared web hosting, a single user has full control of the web server made available by the service provider. It is best for an established website generating considerable traffic. Here, you need not worry about resources being used by other users as there aren’t any. It is a bit on the costlier side, but if you are looking to get a robust website with no downtime risks, it is undoubtedly your best bet.

Managed Web Hosting

It is a dedicated web hosting with management rights being kept by the web hosting service provider. Here, all the servers and associated hardware are rented to a single user, and the service provider manages the system on behalf of customers. That being said, let’s dig into the details of finding the best web host –

How to Choose the Right Web Hosting Service?

Well, web hosting servers have the power to make or break your website, and hence, it is vital that you select the right one.
Here are the three most important factors to look at before choosing a web hosting service –

How Much Traffic Are You Expecting to Generate?

If you are introducing your website to the audience and are in the initial phase of business, you might be expecting a low turnout. Low turnout is directly related to the bandwidth utilization of the server, and it is one factor that service providers look at before charging their customers. In case you expect a low bandwidth usage, you should not unnecessarily hike up the initial cost by opting for an expensive dedicated web hosting service provider. You can opt for better alternatives and switch once you generate higher traffic and revenue.

Server Reliability

Having a 24/7 availability is of utmost importance, as visitors never come from a particular time zone. Availability can be easily checked by tracking your web host with server monitoring tools. These are readily available on the internet at a little cost and are also user-friendly. Financial strength, successful track record, physical server security, and its performance in disaster scenarios are some other factors that shall also be evaluated before choosing the right web hosting service.

Hosted Locally

The benefits are the distance that data has to travel between your server and the user. The number of ‘hops’ between networks affects the speed that your website loads.

Some reasons why you should host locally:


A website runs about 3 times faster when you host locally than hosting overseas due to ultra-low latency.


Conversion rates when signed up with overseas hosting companies vary with increases within exchange rates. Hosting locally beats this issue and you pay less because local hosting is not influenced by foreign exchange.

Technical Support

You enjoy a better quality of support when you host locally. Time difference and language will not be an issue. Using a reputable local company to host your website means you have easier access to quality support. 24/7/365 telephone, email, and/or chat support.

Data Privacy Laws

It is vital to know the data privacy laws of the country where your information and client data resides. In order to avoid the complexity of international Laws and if you host your data with an international service provider.

Understand the Server Types

An adequate understanding of server types is a must to make an informed decision. Make sure that you are aware of the server types and their architecture. For instance, where shared hosting is suitable for low traffic requirements, it can lead to severe downtimes if the website is generating high traffic. In such cases, the low initial cost will be compensated by bad website performance on the later stage. So it’s wise to assess your needs critically and make the right choice.

You can also consult with specialists to develop a thorough understanding of servers and then make a decision. We at Netplanet Digital are a team of experts specializing in website design, Google Ads, and carrying out SEO & Social Media campaigns for our clients. The quality of work and dedication in achieving excellence has been the hallmark of our organization and has helped us in earning the trust of a global clientele.

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