Five Web Design Best Practices

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With the boom in digital marketing, there’s been a significant rise in the number of businesses adopting websites.

While it’s a great start, people need to keep in mind that this is just the beginning!

To gather leads and attract the audience, website optimisation is important. Web design plays a major role in optimisation. It, apart from defining the look and feel of your business, leaves a long-lasting impression on the users’ minds.

A study shows that over 92% of people let web design affect their purchasing decision. With so much at stake, web design becomes a factor that can’t be ignored. Learn five best practices to improve your web design –

Minimise Text and Keep the Sentences Short

A user meets your business for the first time through the website’s homepage. It needs to be informational and should tell everything about your brand and its services. But the key here is minimisation. Too much content confuses readers and puts them off. Learn to tell your story through the art of copywriting. Keep the sentences short, crisp, and win the users abiding by the rules of short attention span.

Don’t Undermine the Power of CTAs

No matter where you start, a content piece needs to end with a strong call-to-action. The objective of your website and its optimisation is to make the user take the final call. So place the action button somewhere it’s easily spotted and make it effective.

Keep the CTAs the same on every page. It adds to the flow of the website, familiarity, and reinforces the actions.

Make Your Design Mobile-Friendly

Over 85% of users run an internet search through mobile phones at least once per day. With the mobile user-base increasing, it becomes important to mobile-optimise your website. A non-responsive mobile design is difficult to navigate, and the user doesn’t waste any time in switching to your competitor’s website.

Let SEO Help You Win More Customers

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the master plan to gain an audience to your website. It covers keyword ranking, XML sitemap, SEO tags and elements, and much more. With proper implication, you become a friend of the search engine and get ranked in the top results, resulting in leads and conversions.

Keep the Loading Time Minimum

Audio, video files and different design elements affect the loading time of the website. If your web pages take anything more than three seconds to load, you’re losing out on prospects. Search engines aren’t short of options. Your website will be abandoned if it’s slow. It’s like intentionally sending a prospect to your competitor. Some of the ways to keep the loading time to a minimum are reducing your file sizes, evaluating plugins, reducing HTTP requests, etc.


Web design is not an option today. It’s a compulsion and not understanding its importance can cost you dearly. An optimised web design adds credibility to your website and ultimately, impacts the conversion.

So whether it’s a new website or been around for a long time, update it and make it design-friendly. To keep the process less complicated, consider contacting Netplanet Digital, a leading digital marketing company that provides a 360° solution to your web and online marketing concerns.

Reach out to us and book a free consultation call today!


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