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Given that most online consumers today are quite internet-savvy—having a well-designed, user-friendly website is crucial to the success of your business. The first and most important step in building a website for your business is to plan out the structure or the hierarchy of the web pages that you intend to publish.

This is akin to building an organizational chart for a company or group: during this step, you need to plan out what the main pages or main categories are going to be (ideally accessible through your main menu).

After that, you need to plan out the pages ‘under’ these main categories, or the pages or subcategories that your main pages will be linking to.

Why Is Website Hierarchy Planning Important For Business Owners?

Having a well-organized website that is easy to navigate contributes greatly to the success of your business. A well-structured website rises through SEO rankings very easily. Furthermore, if a website is user-friendly, it’s easier for the customer to find out more about the services and products you offer, therefore making their ‘customer journey’ a seamless experience.

What Are The Most Popular Strategies In Building A Web Page Structure?

To keep it simple for your customers, it is commonly recommended for a business website to have no more than 7 main categories or pages, which would manifest as items on your main menu. It’s also important to have an “about us” and “contact us” page so hesitant customers can find reassurance in their purchase.

Simplicity Is Key

No matter what your niche; simplicity is key. When plotting out the structure for your website, keep the number of pages and subcategories as small as possible. You don’t want your customers to feel like they’re going through a maze just to try to find out more about a product or service!

Some Sample Website Structures For Small Businesses:

Massage therapy business

1. Home page
2. Services offered
2.1. Service 1 (home visits)
2.2. Service 2 (walk-in spa services)
2.3. Service 3 (chiropractic treatment)
3. News
3.1. News section 1 (new services added)
3.2. News section 2 (news about the company)
4. About us
5. Contact us

Wine and alcoholic beverage business

1. Home page
2. Products
2.1. Wine
2.1.1. Red wines
2.1.2. White wines
2.1.3. Champagnes and sparkling wines
2.2. Hard liquor
2.2.1. Brandy
2.2.2. Rum
2.2.3. Whiskey
2.2.4. Gin and vodka
2.3. Liqueurs
3. News or blog section
3.1. New products in stock
3.2. News about alcohol
4. About us
5. Contact us

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