5 Ways to Use Facebook Marketing to Promote Your Brand

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If we talk about social media, Facebook holds the #1 position without any fault. The platform offers a creative space where people can connect with friends, join a community of like-minded folks via groups, and promote their business to boost their bottom line.

Talking about the last part of the above statement, you can see a lot of businesses growing and thriving by gaining popularity on Facebook. It is only through self-interaction with customers that can get you to the heights of building brand awareness.

Certainly, Facebook can add value to your business. However, you need to do it strategically to witness remarkable results. In this post, we are sharing the top 5 ways to promote your brand on this uber-popular social media channel, let’s get started –

How to Use Facebook Marketing Strategically

Create a Facebook Page and Make the Most Out of It

You might have a personal account on Facebook but you shouldn’t use it to promote your business. To let people notice you and your brand, you need to create a dedicated Facebook page. Creating a Facebook page is a great start to boost your business. The best part is that it is free. It will allow you to identify your brand through listing product offering, services as well as sharing images, links, and posts. Furthermore, you can also customise it according to your business character.

Facebook Ads

Aside from creating a page, Facebook also offers its very own advertising through ads. These ads can be seen in the side columns of the Facebook site. The ads are usually created to grab the attention of the user. These include catchy headlines with copy, an image, and a click-through link to the Facebook page or your business website. The best part about Facebook Marketing Ads is that it is strategically planned to give you the most benefits. For instance, you can set budgets, set demographic targeting, run ad testing and so forth to laser-target your audience.

Host Facebook Contests

One of the best ways to attract a large mass of audience on Facebook is by hosting exciting contests. The marketing tactics of Facebook involves creating contests that can engage your audience better. You can find many third-party Facebook contest apps that offer free versions for creating such contests. Furthermore, you can also customise them according to your business personality.

Facebook Promoted Posts

Aside from ads, Facebook also allows users to create promoted posts by paying a flat rate. These posts reach various users according to demographics.
These promoted posts appear in your user’s news feed and the chances of getting a hit are increased. Furthermore, these not only reach your fans but also the friends of your fans that make your business reach quite vast.

Sponsored Stories

Sponsored stories are similar to Facebook ads but these also show user interaction. Here, the interaction stands for likes or friends of a user.
For instance, if a friend of a user likes a certain page, the user will be inclined to pay attention. That’s exactly how this “word of mouth” marketing works where one user sponsors the post to others.


If you are looking to expand your business, promoting it on Facebook can be a wise idea. Facebook being the top-rated social media platform can open gates to various opportunities at the comfort of your home – give it a try! Further, if you need assistance to create the best SMM strategies, feel free to connect with our team. We will be happy to assist you – book a free consultation call here!

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