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Today, a majority of people are glued to their smartphones.

They rely on these beloved pieces of technology to keep a tab on emails, follow world news, and interact with their family and friends on social media.

As per studies, a mobile phone user spends about 69% of their time using their device. If you think like a marketer, these stats are enough to suggest that you need to have a customer-centric mobile marketing strategy to stay ahead in the market and outmatch the competition. Let’s dive deep and learn things better.

Mobile Marketing – Overview

Mobile marketing is a new-age marketing strategy to promote a business, a product, or a service to the mobile device users with the help of techniques such as MMS, SMS, voice calls, mobile websites, etc. It is much similar to internet marketing, but laser-targeted to drive traction from smartphone users.

This unique marketing model requires research work to understand the trends related to the nature of mobile phone users, application design as per the mobile platform, and various techniques and strategies of mobile marketing.

With that in mind, keep reading to know more about the increasing importance of mobile marketing.

Increasing Importance of mobile marketing

1. Google prioritisation to mobile-friendly websites

Google gives more priority to mobile-friendly websites over the ones which are not mobile optimised.

Google has tweaked the way they show mobile search results. Websites that are mobile-friendly rank better than those that aren’t optimised.

2. The boom of mobile commerce

Mobile commerce has a long way to grow. It is predicted that by the end of the year 2021, mobile commerce will reach $333 billion.

Many business organisations have already invested in mobile marketing, and several others are drafting their plans to invest in it.

Facebook Messenger and Pinterest have already introduced new features of direct purchase from their platforms. Similarly, WhatsApp has also introduced the payment option for the users to simplify the online transaction. No wonder mobile marketing is there to stay.

3. People spend their maximum time on phones

A study shows that on average, people spend about 10 hours a day on their mobile phones. This unquestionably indicates that a person spends more than 500 hours of a year surfing websites or converse on the mobile phone.

This provides infinite opportunity to catch the user’s attention and market your brand. With mobile marketing, you allow your potential buyers to interact with your business on a device that they use frequently. This is likely to improve both engagement and conversions.

4. Establish business credibility

Mobile marketing helps you in building credibility with your customers, clients, and influencers in your field.

When you have a mobile-friendly website, it shows your dominant & strategic online presence – anyone can easily visit your website using their mobile device. This will provide them with a trouble-free experience, and that will make you a credible resource for information, products, and services for them.

5. Broader and faster reach

Having a mobile-friendly website automatically broadens your customer base up to the users performing a mobile search. Implementing mobile marketing will help you attract more business and create a loyal customer base.

Netplanet Digital can help you strategise mobile marketing plans that can empower you to reach out to a wider audience and get higher revenues. To know more or to discuss your ideas, book a free marketing consultation.

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