Four Easy Steps to a Build Facebook Marketing Strategy

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Facebook marketing tops the list when it comes to leveraging social media. A massive audience base, cutting-edge tools and techniques for marketing, commendable paid advertising, and whatnot – the model has everything that’d help you drive more engagement and conversions.

When billions of active users are consuming content to make a buying decision on Facebook, what else do you need to boost your business revenue?

But there’s one thing that you need to develop – a goal-oriented and result-driven Facebook Marketing Strategy. Without shaping your efforts in the right direction, you cannot make the most out of your marketing journey.

Before we start devising your Facebook Marketing strategy, have:

  1. Compelling website ready to convert visitors
  2. Your marketing budget in place, and
  3. A well-optimised Facebook page.

4 steps to building a successful Facebook Marketing Strategy

1. Be clear with your marketing objective

What do you want to achieve with Facebook marketing? You may fall in any of the two cases:

  • If you’re not new to social media marketing, analyse your previous performance and results – what brought engagement and what wasn’t meant for you.

Then decide what you want to do next? Do you want to leverage it further or experiment something new?

  • If you’re just starting out, make a list from scratch. What are you trying to accomplish? Is it just increasing sales or you want to increase your engagement to a set target?

Do you want to leverage Facebook for getting leads or establishing authority is your priority?

2. Understand your audience and competitors

Who are you marketing your products and services to? Make clear buyer personas and run demographic segmentation to create personalised marketing campaigns. Know what your audience prefers – their interests, buying behaviour, intent, content type, and everything that describes how they consume content on Facebook.

The next thing is to analyse your competitor’s marketing strategy. Look into what’s working for your competitors. Try to understand their weaknesses and refine your strategy to outweigh the competition.

Make your strategy work by leveraging the latest trending techniques. With sound research in hand, you will land on a winning marketing strategy.

3. Create and plan your content

No matter how much you spend, how high is your product quality, without great content no one would bother about your business. Content is everything that people need – information, experience, and value. Embed these elements in your content and you’re good to go.

But, you need to be consistent. People follow brands that keep them engaged. Unplanned content and inconsistency can hamper your brand reputation.

Keep two calendars in hand and you’re all set.

  • Editorial calendar – Plan what you will post every day, each week.
  • Activity calendar – Schedule your daily, monthly, and weekly activity to never miss a post update.

4. Measure, modify, and repeat!

During implementation, make sure to track your progress. Dwell into the Facebook insights to know what your audience loves about your content. Which posts are capturing the highest engagement rates?

What’s next?

Analyze and modify. When you know the scope of improvement, tweak your Facebook marketing strategy to make sure it works this time.

The final step, repeat the process until you define your own strategy for Facebook marketing. Don’t forget to record your success metric each time.

Get in touch with us to keep yourself updated about the latest trends ruling over the Facebook era. Book a free 30-minute consultation today to let us devise your Facebook marketing campaign.

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