Facebook Lead Generation: Top 7 Success Tips!

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If you are in business, you already know that more leads mean more significant sales for your business.

However, well-paying leads don’t just come from nowhere; you have to put in greater effort to get them. That’s when massively popular social media platforms can be leveraged to get the necessary traction and desired success.

The best thing about Facebook is that it’s a large market with over 2.93 billion monthly users. Therefore, there is enough room for everyone to reach their target audience and attract qualified leads. However, this also means that Facebook can be a highly competitive space. You need to strategise and use the right tools & features to reach new customers, showcase your products & services, and promote your brand.

So, if you are interested in designing the best campaigns and driving clicks, this blog will help. Explore and learn how Facebook lead generation can be used to find new business leads!

7 Lead Generation Techniques You Should Use

With plenty of users that Facebook has, it’s an opportunity for you to reach more people depending on the products and services you offer. Furthermore, people can now sign up or learn more about what you provide through its easy features. In simpler terms, you can generate greater leads for your business.

Through Facebook lead generation, you can promote your content, which will make your brand identity more robust. To achieve this, you must utilise Facebook marketing.

At the moment, 92% of social marketers have been successfully advertising on Facebook as a way to boost their leads. So what’s stopping you from using Facebook lead Generation?

Now, look at these 7 lead generation ways you can use!

1. Use Lead Ads

You must have heard about the word Ads somewhere, or in layman’s language, it’s a short form for adverts. Lead ads are the best and most popular technique to reach a larger audience who might turn into customers. They are usually paid for primarily by your business and will appear on your prospects’ feeds, stories, and news feeds.

Usually, before you place an ad, you must figure out who your target audience is. The lead ads will automatically be seen by people most likely interested in your offer. This, of course, depends on the behaviours they depict while using Facebook.

Users are prompted to complete a form when they click on the ad. So they need not type their details frequently.

Do not sleep on these lead ads; they are life-changing in bringing in more excellent prospects. Other reasons why you should use them include:

  • You can easily reach your target audience.
  • The ads are easy to create and use.
  • They allow you to track the progress of leads and promptly respond to them since you can link your CRM to the ads campaign.

2. Include a CTA Button on your Facebook Account

Facebook business pages have the option of adding a CTA. Of course, it’s not there by mistake; it will help generate good leads to your page.

What to include on the CTA button depends on what your marketing campaign seeks to achieve. If you decide to change your ads’ goals, be sure to include a CTA that reflects this.

3. Use Lead Ads

As you seek to promote your page and generate better leads, you need to create call-to-action ads. You will promote the call to action button on your page through them.

With CTA, your target audience will know the next step to take after coming across your page. With words like shop now, request a demo, enrol today, and book consultation, they describe what you want the prospects to do.

The CTA ads will bring in qualified leads to your business by explicitly stating the actions they should take.

4. Take Advantage of Videos

Video ads attract the attention of Facebook users more than regular posts. This should ring a bell that you need to start using videos more when placing ads and posting.

The current Facebook algorithm is such that it favours videos more. So, the more you create them on your page, the more you are being ‘seen’ by your target audience. You can easily introduce your business to your audience and tell them more about it through videos.

Facebook live videos also add greater value since they are rawer, giving your viewers a more personal look. Therefore, the customers will most likely feel comfortable engaging with your content. Do not forget to include CTAs in such videos!

5. Utilise Facebook Messenger Bot

It’s not by surprise that Artificial Intelligence is now a necessary tool for lead generation. In Facebook lead generation, AI is in the form of chatbots. They are auto-generated and are available to customers who make inquiries using Facebook messenger.

Sometimes, you get so many prospects simultaneously, especially after running an ad. You may wish to respond to every customer contacting you, but it isn’t easy and consumes much of your time.

AI chatbots significantly reduce the time spent responding to customer questions. Furthermore, they minimise the number of customer service requests, so you save some coins!
Besides saving you time and money, Facebook Messenger Bots will:

  • Help customers know what exactly your page offers. The chatbots can state who you are, your mission, values, and more. This information is crucial In building a good relationship with your prospects which in the end increases your leads.
  • Generate quality leads to your pages. Through a chatbot, you can ask consumer-specific questions. Inquire about the exact products, the industry, and the services they want. Once you get this information, you can send email campaigns and details about what they want or connect them to the right persons to direct them.
  • Ensure that information needed by the customer is conveyed promptly and in a digestible manner. This helps build a good rapport with the potential, generating better leads and conversions.

6. Develop Interactive Ways to Connect with Your Audience

If your work is logging to your page, posting products you sell, and then logging out, you are doing it all wrong! Facebook requires you to be there and have a close and good relationship with your audience so they can at least trust what you do.

Having interactive sessions will generate leads and convince them to purchase from you. Isn’t this the end goal for every online business owner?

Now, if you are wondering how to associate with your target audience, it’s simple! Start with the most straightforward and effortless method – Answering the comments and messages.

If potential customers feel ignored, they will most likely not buy from you. So be keen on answering the comments you get and, at the same time, selling your brand to establish a good relationship with the prospects.

Another ideal way to generate leads through customer interaction is by hosting giveaways. This mainly brings you many audiences, and your page will grow significantly.

Asking for customers’ opinions will also create a good rapport with them. Ask them whether they are satisfied with the products offered, what they would like your brand to improve, and even the products you should bring on board. This shows that you value the customers, which builds trust.

7. Use Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are highly encouraged for lead generation. It includes making the customers aware that you are hosting a webinar or giving them results of what you garnered from a particular case study.

You do not have to generate alone because sometimes it can be confusing and time-consuming. Furthermore, you might not know the exact steps to bring quality leads to your business. For this reason, talk to an online marketing consultant Sydney to guide you through the process.

Wrapping Up

Generating good leads is a plus for your business. However, the process may not be seamless. It requires smart and well-calculated steps, especially on Facebook being the most impactful marketing platform.

The goal is not just to get leads but qualified ones. Therefore, ask for the intervention of a successful marketing consultant to walk you through this journey.

If you are looking for a digital agency Western Sydney, Net Planet Digital is here to help you increase your leads. Book a 30-minute strategy call with us to learn more.

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