LinkedIn or Facebook – Which is better for B2B Marketing?

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As a digital marketer or an entrepreneur, it’s an everyday test to choose between LinkedIn Marketing and Facebook Marketing for B2B brands. In any case, having all conversion analytics close by, it is challenging to decide on the best marketing approach. Without an appropriate analysis and steady information, this decision is considered to be simply luck.

If we simply look exposure Facebook has more than 2 billion active users and is way ahead of LinkedIn in comparison. It appears to be that the correct decision, and Facebook-owned Instagram currently has more than 1 billion active users, which is additionally a benefit. However, when once you add demographics into your considerations, it balances the playing field between the importance of quality and quantity.

Here are some qualifying factors for you to decide the best marketing platform for your B2B Marketing.

LinkedIn vs. Facebook for B2B Marketing

Sole Purpose

Many digital marketers vouch for LinkedIn for B2B ads because of its user intent. As the audience here mainly comprises people with career or business-oriented outcomes, the scope of genuine leads and conversions are higher. However, Facebook’s audience is diverse, composed of different demographics with different interests. If it were for B2C, Facebook + Instagram would have been a better option.

Targeting Audience

If you want to target people based on their job roles, or companies, LinkedIn makes your task easy. In the case of Facebook, you can avail yourself of many precise targeting options. From selecting a specific segment to choosing a lookalike audience, audience targeting on Facebook is as diverse as its users. While LinkedIn has similar features, it may not work for a smaller audience.

Cost per Lead

The known truth is that Facebook is less expensive than LinkedIn. However, numerous individuals lie on their profile on Facebook, so your Ad campaign may garner some unwanted attention. LinkedIn offers better quality leads at a more exorbitant cost. Costs make Facebook look greater; however, think about what campaigning phase will be more effective regarding your B2B marketing success rate.k

Types of Ads

Facebook has many kinds of promotions to choose from. You can select from leads, traffic, canvas, and carousel ads, and many more. LinkedIn offers just fundamental sorts like text, lead advertisements, sponsored inMails, and content. However, it would be best to consider what is better for your business, precisely for B2B, the more basic, the better. Yet, if you are searching for something visually appealing, Facebook ought to be your decision.

There comes a resolution that there is no perfect answer about what stage is better. Facebook and LinkedIn work on different algorithms, technologies, and procedures, while some of them are special and structure an upper hand of every phase. You should use the information you have about these social media platforms and the objectives you mean to reach by your B2B Ad Campaigns to decide on the right platform.

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