5 Lead Generation Activities to Boost Your Conversions

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A business has several organizational goals. One of the goals that surely makes a cut amongst the most important ones is lead generation. Whether you are trying to increase your website’s visibility to promote products or increase your eCommerce store’s sales, lead generation is essential. It’s merely impossible for any business to survive without leads for very long.

But it’s not easy to generate leads for sales. Traffic generation wins you just half of the battle. You can spend most of your time diverting traffic to your website. But it’s equally important to provide irresistible offers, potential Call-to-Action, and compelling lead-boosting campaigns to turn traffic into leads and ultimately revenue generation.

We are here with effective ways to boost website conversions. Through these activities, you can attract qualified leads.

1. Position Call-to-Action at the Right Place

An effective CTA captures the user’s attention and guides them throughout the final action. It’s best to place them above the fold-space of the web page where it’s visible without scrolling down the page.

According to the analysis, content that is below the fold gathers a view of 50% people only. Positioning your CTAs above the fold can significantly increase your website leads.

2. Email Marketing

Today, the audience base gets quickly attracted to personalized marketing methods. Email marketing is a way to educate and interact with the subscribers effectively on an individual level, promoting the services and products in hindsight.

Create an email list and make a loyal subscriber base with engaging content. This helps in building brand loyalty and eventually, improves conversion rate.

If social media is a platform for discussion with your users, email marketing is a platform to understand the insights of your customers. Make your products seem more valuable to them by solving their challenges through your products and services.

3. Monitor Metrics

Review the analytics regularly. They are measurers of your efforts. Conduct experiments, split tests, and discover what’s working for you using the data in the analytics report. Watch the following metrics on your emails :

Subscription rates: Check the no. of new subscribers and unsubscribers.

Clickthrough rate: Number of followers who click on your website link.

Open rates: Number of subscribers who open your email.

Abuse reports: Number of Users who spam your email.

Social performance: Number of subscribers sharing your content on social media.

Metrics are indicators of your customer behaviour. Therefore, it’s essential to review the analytics often. However, don’t focus much on day-to-day statistics. Review analytics reports on a weekly and monthly basis. With time you’ll understand the trends. Look for the substantial changes and see how overall metrics change over time.

4. Use Smart Images to Stand Out

Well, the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” is true in cases of websites as well.

Images stand out more on a webpage than any text. A human brain notices images more quickly and comprehends the information in a better way through it. As suggested by many studies, it captures a lot more attention. Additionally, you can show off the offer in a more convincing way than through any text.

5. Keep Experimenting

Unless you try different methods and variations, you won’t know what works best for your business. Every industry is different, and what may work for one business might not do wonders for you. Moreover, set your mind to keep learning different strategies over time because your customers trust in you—and you can’t afford to let loose their trust in any way.

Every campaign and every customer are different, so it requires experience and knowledge to get the most out of your campaign. Don’t be afraid to test and try different variations.

Consumers have got smart over the years. You can’t fool them by general lead generation methods. To increase your lead generations, you need to choose smart and creative tactics.

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