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Here are some qualifying factors for you to decide the best marketing platform for your B2B Marketing.

LinkedIn or Facebook – Which is better for B2B Marketing?

As a digital marketer or an entrepreneur, it's an everyday test to choose between LinkedIn Marketing and Facebook Marketing for B2B brands. In any case, having all conversion analytics close by, it is challenging to decide on the best marketing approach. Without an appropriate analysis and steady information, this decision is considered to be simply luck. If we simply look exposure Facebook has more than 2 billion active users and is way ahead of LinkedIn in comparison. It appears to [...]


5 LinkedIn Marketing Tips to Support Your

LinkedIn is one of the most sought social media platforms especially for those looking for a job or the ones who wish to establish their small business. Looking at its popularity and demand, you need to focus on such strategies that can fetch results from the platform. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn combines social media into a professional setting. Thus, allowing you to increase your company sales or bring traffic to your website. It is so far the best [...]

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