5 Smart Ways to Use Case Studies in Your Marketing Campaigns

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Marketing provides plenty of ways to engage prospects and turn them into customers. However, with too many options, it becomes difficult to determine the best one. A case study is a form of content that is constantly leading the field. Here’s how you can leverage this powerful content marketing material to build credibility and win more customers.

According to a study on B2B buyers, 71% of buyers in the awareness stage and 77% in the evaluation stage consider case studies as the most influential content.

A case study persuades that a process, product, or service has solved the problem in the past. It appeals to the user’s logic and paints the picture of success to the buyer. But to get the maximum potential out of a case study, you need to utilise it in a way which will gain the most attraction. Here is how you can use case studies in your marketing campaigns –

How to Use Case Studies and Ensure Marketing Success?

Present Your Case Study Through a Video

2020 has seen an increase of video consumption, with  96%. 9 out of 10 viewers demanding more videos from businesses they follow. It is evident that audiences prefer to watch videos. Therefore, turn your lengthy case studies into an interesting, easy-to-understand video format. This will attract and engage the attention of the viewer for longer, and create a higher chance of completion in the viewing of your case study.

Demonstrate the Case Studies on Your Home Page

Every happy customer is an affirmation for a new website visitor. Therefore, make the experience of your satisfied customer evident for everyone. The homepage of your website is the best place to pull off your intent.

You can include case studies on your homepage in the following ways:

  1. Testimonials or customer quotes
  2. A call-to-action (CTA) to open a case study
  3. A slide-in CTA linked to a case study
  4. A CTA landing to the case studies page

Try Personalisation

Personalisation is the present and future of marketing – marketing experts also agree to it. Your case studies become more powerful when you personalise them for the visitors of your website.

People get attracted to familiarity. They get more attracted to the content with which they can resonate. For example, there is no point in presenting a case study from New York to UK residents. They can hardly engage with it.

Present something to them that they may care about. Keep experimenting with different ideas to know what works.

Create PDFs of Case Studies for Email Campaigns

Providing social proof at the right time is vital to add value and get business.

The best time of presenting a case study to your potential buyer is at their consideration stage – a stage where the buyer actively compares the services and providers.

We suggest you share your case studies in the email campaigns as downloadable PDFs. When users get the right information at the right time, it supports their buying decision. Even the sales team can use these PDFs to better market your products/services and close more leads.

Share Case Studies in Social Media

If you want to create buzz for your brand in social channels, it is the safest bet to promote case studies.

Case studies, when promoted strategically on social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, show how you lead your industry and own a satisfied clientele. Here are our tips to attract more engagement –

  1. Share the link to the case study in the post and tag the customer.
  2. Share case study links in the LinkedIn groups.
  3. Update the cover page of your Twitter/Facebook business account with the happy customer quotes.
  4. Mention the case studies on your LinkedIn page in the list of publications.

The audience researches, if not extensive then minimal, before investing in a product or service. Use case studies in marketing campaigns in these potential ways to provide them with enough information to indulge with your brand.

Our experts at Netplanet Digital are well-versed in implementing smooth and scalable content marketing strategies. Contact us today to book a free 30-minute strategy call; we’re here to help!

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