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Do you know that the website itself is a critical component in SEO?

Without a fully-optimised website, no business can succeed in the digital world.

In SEO, tweaking the website elements and making it ‘findable’ for search engines is the main focus. In fact, SEO specialists often start building their strategies after a thorough website audit and unveiling the factors that affect website performance in the search results.

Now, if you are keen to make your website a revenue-generating asset, it is a must for you to understand the intricacies of on-page SEO. Today, the SEO experts of Netplanet Digital have crafted some tips that one should keep in mind to boost their website’s rank in SERP.

However, before moving on to on-page SEO techniques, let’s first understand what on-page SEO is.

What is On-Page SEO?

As the name suggests, on-page SEO means optimising the pages of the website to get them ranked higher in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

In this process, all the web pages of your website, including Metadata, Title, internal linking, and images are tweaked as per the latest SEO algorithms. The better efforts you put here, the more traffic your website is likely to attract.

Implementing on-page SEO will not only help you to drive more website visitors but will also help in delivering a gratifying user experience, ultimately helping you in improving your bottom line and business statistics.

Now, without circling anymore, let us share with you top tips that you should stick with to enhance your on-page SEO. Here you go –

1. Nothing Ever Beats a Quality Content

The content is the backbone of any website.

A website with relevant and engaging content can do great even with little SEO. However, a website with bad content cannot survive even with an effective SEO campaign.

Users are always inclined towards relevant and high-quality content. Make sure that your brand has a story to tell, and it actually showcases all the information that your users are seeking. Moreover, Google also favours well-drafted copies that match the search intentions of the users, so make sure to keep that in mind while creating and executing your content strategy.

You can also catch up with the trend and include images and videos on your site. However, never forget to optimise them!

2. Your Page Title is Equally Important

The page title is another important element that affects a website’s SEO.
Crawlers will scan all the pages, including page title, description, headings, and content. The entire page will be analysed before positioning it in the search results.
Hence, make sure that you choose engaging page titles or include your targeted keyword at the beginning of your page title. This will further optimise your page for relevant keywords.

3. Focus on Content SEO

Content SEO includes optimising your page with targeted keywords.
Targeted keywords are the search terms users type in the search box to look for a business or product. Content SEO makes use of such keywords and create content that can satisfy the intent of the audience.
Google Algorithm constantly keeps changing. With time, the algorithms have evolved in terms of conduct and preference. Nowadays, Google gives more preference to user-intent. It no longer looks only for targeted keywords in content but keeps track of the relevancy of the content also.
Thus, make sure that you create relevant content for your website before getting it optimised.

4. Multimedia Elements

Images, videos, and other graphics are an important part of your website’s presentation. Users will only be interested in your website if they find it presentable.

However, the biggest problem with images is that they slow down the loading speed of a page, but you can resolve this issue by optimising the size of the images and videos. SEO strategists are aware of tried and true tips that help in cutting the loading time while ensuring an engaging online experience.

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