Why is WordPress Maintenance Necessary?

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Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when you set up a website just the way you wanted it? The website design, content, graphics, aesthetics, feel, colour, style – everything is screaming your business values. It’s set really well and you’re relaxed that you can go back to focusing on your business. However, this can be a mistake. A website requires regular updation and maintaining it is important in order to keep it seamless.

One of the many aspects of a website management system is WordPress. It is used by 35% of the Internet globally. Being the most popular and largest website management system, it keeps bringing frequent updates. What you need to know as a user is WordPress doesn’t update itself. It’s the website owner’s responsibility to keep it maintained. Let’s know why it’s necessary and you should do it –

Provides a Safety Shield to Your Account

Popularity comes with its share of grey cards. Since WordPress is one of the most used content management systems, it attracts hackers as well. The system is frequently targeted by viruses, hackers, bots, and other malicious threats. These elements can hack your data and extract database credentials and other important and vulnerable information. You can have your data corrupted as well.

WordPress, thankfully, keeps high-vigilance on such activities. Whenever a threat to the system is discovered, it releases a new version after tackling it. The old version is now vulnerable and open to attack, and hence it should be updated to the latest version that’s safer.

Eliminates the Risk of Losing Your Data

There’s always a possibility that your WordPress account gets attacked by malware or malicious software. If that happens, you’ll need to bear severe data loss. It can also happen with the involvement of issues like hardware/software failure, server connection failure, power outages, or human errors. All of these can result in partial, or full data loss. We don’t need to mention how devastating this situation could be. Rebuilding the website from scratch is not just frustrating, but costly and time-consuming as well. It is equal to a deep dent in your profits and credibility. All of this can be avoided if you invest in maintaining your WordPress system.

A maintained WordPress website service will facilitate you uptime monitoring, round-the-clock security, and regular site backups. In case anything goes wrong, it’ll restore an earlier version of your website without pushing you downhill.

Proper Maintenance = Better User Experience

Apart from security purposes, WordPress updates have the involvement of third-party plug-ins. With each update, you are provided with quality assurance testing tools. Utilizing those tools only help you with making sure your website is convenient and efficient for your users. After all, no user is attracted to a broken, errored, and slow-speeded website. Moreover, an updated version boosts your website’s credibility.

It’s better to keep your website updated and maintained than to meet unexpected and unfortunate problems. Don’t leave your website in the hands of an emergency plan. Instead, create a plan beforehand and avoid bad surprises. Don’t worry about the process of creating that plan. You have us for that. Netplanet Digital is a holistic digital marketing agency ready to help you excel in your business. Contact us today and book a 30-minute strategy call with us!

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