WordPress Newest Release 5.2 Now Available – Don’t Risk Your Website Being Down or Hacked

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WordPress 5.2 gives you even more robust tools for identifying and fixing configuration issues and fatal errors. This version comes packed with a lot of exciting changes.

The biggest one being the new –

Site Health Check Tool

This release adds two new pages to help debug common configuration issues. It also adds space where web developers can include debugging information for site maintainers. Check your site status by going to Tools > Site Health and learn how to debug issues.

Other improvements include –

PHP Error Protection

This administrator-focused update will let you safely fix or manage fatal errors without requiring developer time. It features better handling of the so-called “white screen of death,” and a way to enter recovery mode, which pauses error-causing plugins or themes.

We do recommend you update to this latest version to insure your website and online content is optimised and protected with the latest industry standard features. Get in contact today and will get your website fine-tuned and optimised with the latest updates knowing you have the best improvements available.

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