What is the Significance of Google My Business Listing?

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Google My Business or GMB is a free tool created for businesses to develop their online presence across the internet.

Looking at today’s scenario, creating an online presence is crucial to the success of any business or enterprise. With the aid of GMB, you can target various websites of Google suite including Google search, Mobile search, Local search, and Google Maps. If you are struggling to build your sound online presence with various SEO services, listing your local business in Google can help you in gaining that extra attention without doing much.

The aim of Google behind developing GMB is to make it easy for people to get all the information they need at one place. For instance, Google My Business listing shows your business address, opening hours, contact information, as well as a link to your website. It allows people to know you inside out before collaborating with you.

The GMB Difference

Listing your business on the GMB for an effective local SEO strategy. It is important for every business owner to list their business on GMB as it can just provide the information their customer might need. For instance, if someone wants to know your phone number, they can easily find it through one click.

Google My Business works in different ways. It is good for people unaware of your business but it is also excellent for people aware of your business and are looking for specific information.

GMB also works brilliantly for potential keywords. For instance, if someone makes a search for “best Chinese restaurant near me” or “plumber near me” these searches result in Google’s “3 pack” search as compared to organic search results.

What is Google My Business 3-Pack Search?

You might have probably come across this feature of Google while making any search. The three-pack search depicts a map with three local businesses fixed on the search results. These pinned businesses are basically extracted from Google My Business listing. In short, any local search on Google relies on GMB.

Now, how can you get yourself in the Google 3 pack results? Well, you don’t have to do much. Simply listing your business on the Google My Business page will do the needful. Google will automatically list your business upon any relevant search. As this list comes above organic search results, it becomes important for you to focus on GMB. Here are the top reasons for getting a GMB profile.

  • It Boosts Your Website Ranking

As we said, the backbone of local SEO is GMB. It allows your business to make a way in the local search results.

Right from little queries including a search for your phone number to your products and services, the three-pack results offer help to a broad range of queries. Thus, the more people coming across your business on Google list cause more traffic on your website. Anyway, it becomes a win-win situation for your business.

  • Control Your Information Effectively

Google My Business allows you to put your basic information into Google’s Local Search Index.

In addition to this, it also provides other additional features to attract local customers to your business. For instance, if you are a food joint owner, you can add menus and prices, reviews, photos, and accepted payment methods. Furthermore, you can also provide discounts and offers to your customers.

  • Let’s You Manage Your Reviews

The best part about Google My Business is its user reviews. Google makes sure to appoint “local guides” and rewarding them upon rating and reviewing any local business. Any person looking for your business will pay much attention to the user reviews.

Positive reviews are more likely to improve your online visibility as well as increase your chances of getting customers at your doorstep.


Google My Business is an effective tool developed by Google to build your online presence. The only thing you need to ensure is keeping your information up-to-date and putting all your relevant information on the business listing. Also, make sure to optimise your business listing and find a way in the Google search results.

GMB is easy and important for your business to grow. So, apart from putting your efforts into developing your website, make sure to focus on listing your business on Google for greater results.

We hope this was a useful read. To optimise the presence of your local business online, connect with the SEO experts of Netplanet Digital. We are a leading SEO company and provide tailor-made SEO campaigns to help you widen your reach and boost conversions. To get started, book a free 30-minute consultation today!


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