3 Reasons Why Your Site isn’t Showing Up On Google

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Have you invested significant effort and resources to make your website live on Google?

Well, if yes, we understand how eagerly you must be waiting for your website to show up higher in Google’s search results.

Generally, when your SEO efforts are on point, you will find your topping the search results in a matter of weeks.

However, if your website isn’t ‘findable’ on Google despite your best efforts, something must be hurting its performance and fixing it is important to drive more organic traffic. We suggest you to go through the below-mentioned factors that might be affecting your website’s visibility on search engines.

1. Your Website is Yet to be Indexed By Google

There is a high possibility that there is no inherent flaw in your SEO strategy but your website is just a bit new.

You must understand that Google takes at least a week (sometimes even more) to update the search results.

Next, when your website is new, it does not have sufficient inbound links. So the first step that you need to take is to create some-

Though Google might not immediately crawl your URL as it might already be flooded with multiple requests.

However, once it does, it’s only a matter of weeks that your website will be pushed into the index.

2. Your Website isn’t SEO Optimized

A flaw in the SEO strategy is amongst the major factors that prevent websites from showing up on Google.

Google frequently updates the SEO guidelines, and you must incorporate those changes on your website.

An aesthetically appealing website will be of no use if it isn’t optimized for SEO! (as people won’t find you)

What to do?

The solution is simple- get an SEO audit done and find out what’s lacking.

Also, consider the following factors-

  • See your site loads quickly
  • Make sure that targeted keywords are included
  • Keep a check on keyword density
  • Create a well-researched quality content

Consider taking the assistance of a leading digital marketing agency for better results.

3. Google has Removed Your Website from the Search Results

Google can even remove (either temporarily or permanently) your website from the search results if it does not meet the quality guidelines.

If your website restricts the user’s ability to look out for relevant information, there are high chances that you may face such action from Google.

Google can either,

Deindex- Completely remove your website from the search results.

Penalize- Restrict your page visibility by incorporating some complex algorithms. So, your page might be still present but the users won’t be able to find it easily.

Sandbox- Sudden reduction in traffic rate.

If you find that your website has been subject to aforesaid actions, the only option you are left with is to modify the website as per the quality guidelines by Google. Once done, you can submit a request to Google to reconsider the action.

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