Top Four Keyword Research Tools to Boost Your SEO Efforts

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In SEO, keywords are the ideas and topics in content that define the whole purpose behind it. Explore with us the best keyword research tools that you can use to fortify your SEO campaigns and drive more results!

We are all aware of the importance of keywords in the SEO game and the role they play in improving website ranking on the search engines.

However, ignorance and lack of research in finding the right keywords have left some digital players far behind in the SEO game.

If you want to master keyword research, here are the top four free keyword research tools that can benefit your website in gaining organic traffic and aid you in improving your SEO performance –

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a highly useful web service by Google that empowers users to measure their website’s search traffic, fix issues and improve website performance in search engines.
Unlike traditional keyword research tools, Google Search Console makes available a performance report to find the keywords with ease. The tool will provide you with the data depicting pages that have received the highest number of clicks on your website.

Moreover, Google Search Console will also show you the particular “opportunity keywords” that helped in generating those clicks. These opportunity keywords are the ones that rank between #8 – #20 on Google. When the keyword on your webpage surrounds the opportunity keyword, there are higher chances that your website ranking will move up quickly.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner can be best described as a tool with minimal yet uber-useful features. It provides some insightful keyword ideas and traffic estimates to aid marketers to build a strong Search Network campaign.

This free keyword research tool will provide you with some suggested bid estimates for each keyword, and let you determine your advertising budget accordingly. Here, the data comes directly from Google, and hence its credibility cannot be questioned.

A classic feature of Keyword Planner is its “Top Of the Page Bid” which shows the spending of advertisers and the general public on a particular keyword.

Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz Keyword Explorer is the smartest of all keyword research tools and can give you some of the best keyword suggestions.
Say you are searching for the keyword “dental care”.

Where other tools will give you suggestions like dental care, dental care techniques, dental care habits, etc., Moz can also present you with something like; foods that lead to bad oral health, bad habits that can cause gum problems, etc.

And it is not all!

The tool also includes features like “Organic CTR” through which you can easily find the number of clicks a keyword will generate.
Once you have the numbers, another feature “priority” will take into account the CTRs, search volume, and difficulty & assess the viability of targeting a specific keyword.


Whether you require some long-tail phrases or only some heading terms, UberSuggest is the right tool for you.
By giving you the volume, competition, and seasonal trends, UberSuggest provides you with an in-depth analysis of every existing keyword on the web.

Moreover, UberSuggest also provides a detailed account of what’s working for the competitors on Google and help you devise a more result-oriented strategy accordingly.
We hope the aforesaid keyword research tools will assist you in boosting your SEO efforts.

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