Important Tips to Create SEO-Friendly Blog Posts

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Have you ever faced issues with your website rankings?

If yes, your blog content could be responsible for the same.

The true meaning of creating SEO friendly blog content is that the search engines and users can find it easily. If you are not meeting the criteria of search engines and your readers, you might lose the game.

If you want to improve your rankings, then your readers and Google crawlers must recognise your posts, so you have to write user-friendly content. However, if you are struggling to craft an apt content, then, we are here to help you.

Here are five tips that you should follow when you are writing an SEO friendly blog posts:

1. Research, Research, and Research!

Start with thorough research on your subject matter. It is always best to note down your points and elaborate them one by one. Try to think out of the box if you want to make a difference. Other important things that you should determine before writing an SEO-friendly content are:

  • Carefully craft the outline of the blog and work around it.
  • Include keywords to target.
  • Emphasise on the blog flow.
  • Write long-form content that has an ideal word count of at least 1500 words and a minimum of 300 words.

When it comes to word count, make sure you don’t fluff up the words with unnecessary things that don’t solve the purpose.

2. Match the User Intent

When we talk about SEO friendly content, you all know some keywords reflect what your users are searching for. Answer as many questions as you can through your blog posts. Try to align your writing with user intent to achieve more engagement and conversions. It will help you rank your blog as more and more will come to read your blogs when they notice that their concerns are being addressed.

3. Craft a Well-Rounded Content

By well-rounded content, we mean to include all the queries that people are searching for. Moreover, we will recommend you to examine the queries you have covered whether they solve the purpose or not. An inclusive content should be such that it invokes the user’s purchase intent, or he should come again and again to read your stuff.

4. Include Excerpts from High DA websites

You might know that quality links are an important factor in gaining high ranking in SERPs. When you include excerpts or links from high DA websites, it ensures the credibility of your content and improves the ranking over time. It also improves the domain authority of your website; the higher the domain authority is, the higher are your chances to rank on Google.

Apart from this, interlinking is also an essential aspect of writing SEO friendly content. Try to link your blog post with the similar blogs you have written previously, as it also helps gain authority. Also, the readers are interested too in reading some related blogs.

5. Don’t Forget Heading Structure

Follow the heading structure when you are writing an SEO-friendly blog post, as it is crucial for readability. It makes it easier for Google to crawl through the main topics of the content. Another important thing is to include some of your keywords in your headings. It will inevitably lead your users to your blog posts, but make sure that the keywords fit in naturally.

These were some of the critical tips that you must follow while writing SEO friendly content.

We hope you liked the blog. For more updates, stay tuned with Netplanet Digital!

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