How Can Google Maps Help Your Small Business

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In this tech-savvy age, sidewalk signs and mailed-out coupons are not effective enough to draw traffic to your place of business. If you want customers at your store, you need to make them aware of where to go first – and that’s when you need Google Maps.

If you talk about local marketing, there is no go-to tool better than Google Maps.

Adding Google Maps to your marketing strategy is the most efficient way to get the maximum footfall. Here are some facts to back up our words.

As per Google estimations, users make 3 billion searches for hotels and one billion searches for clothing stores every month. The majority of those users visit a nearby store on the same day. On top of this, almost 70% of the 77% of navigation app users use Google Maps as the go-to navigation app. This means, the Maps feature from our favourite search engine giant is helping businesses become findable and generate more traffic & revenue.

Let’s learn how Google Maps can be used to boost the sales of small businesses.

Google Maps Marketing Overview

In a nutshell, Google Maps Marketing is the process of using Google Maps functionality to optimise the online presence of the business. With this feature, you can locate your business on Google navigation maps with little to no efforts.

To utilise Google Maps at its fullest, you need to work on Google My Business optimisation, review generation, on-site optimisation, online reputation management, and other digital marketing tactics that boost online exposure. This helps to attract local customers who are looking for your brand or products/services that you offer.

Importance of Google Maps Marketing for Small Businesses

As per facts found on the web, 80% of people do online research before making a final purchase decision. Further, 79% of smartphone users compare a product or locate a store using their phone.

By enhancing online visibility, Google Maps provides great exposure to your business among people. It helps you to analyse in-depth user engagement, which directs you to make better decisions and organise your workings.

Better user experience

Coffee parlour, emergency plumber, roofer near me, and many such frequent search queries when get answered instantly, improves the overall user experience.

If you do not want to lose on this opportunity, you need to work on on-page optimisation with maximum searched keywords. Make a Google My Business profile with accurate and enough information; so that your customers directly reach your store without many efforts.


Google Maps Marketing is a cost-effective way to maximise local customer traffic. Add information like working hours, contact number, customer reviews, and QAs so that you can drive more customers without additional advertising cost.

Brand visibility

With updating your business on Google Maps, you directly enhance the online brand visibility in maps, news, and knowledge graphs.

Also, include the logo of your brand and URL in your social media accounts, as users also discover your business when they search for current happenings in their area.

Wrapping Up

If you want to boost your business productivity by attracting maximum local customers, you have to take some serious steps to optimise your online visibility. Registering your business on Google Maps will automatically optimise your search presence, and people will start finding your business online. It can make your brick and mortar store easy-to-discover online, thus adding more to your business’s bottom line.

We hope this was a useful read. Stay tuned with us for more such updates! Also, if you need assistance in building your brand or reputation online, feel free to book a free 30-minute consultation with our experts.

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