7 Common PPC Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them!)

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Pay-Per-Click advertising can be a very effective way to reach customers only if it is handled correctly. Otherwise, it will be an expensive waste of time for the organisations.

If you are struggling with managing your PPC campaign, it might be because you are making the following seven common mistakes:

Common PPC mistake # 1: Narrow keyword groups

Many companies prefer using a narrow list of keywords, particularly in one ad campaign. The better option is to use a large variety of related and long-tail keywords being organised into many different ad campaigns. This helps companies target specific niches, and bring a lot of clicks with the desired amount of profits.

Common PPC mistake # 2: Poor landing pages

Here the need is to pay attention to the links used for the ad copy. For instance, if the landing page fails to appear relevant, Google will penalise such companies with a low-quality score. Also, it will lead to hitting the conversion rates if the consumer does not find the information they are looking for while clicking on the given link.

It does not matter how good your ad is and how targeted your keywords are, the traffic you drive to a landing page will be a waste if the destination page is a bad landing page. Thus, companies must focus on creating relevant landing pages for the ad copy that is attractive enough to convert these consumers into buyers.

Common PPC mistake# 3: Poor or non-attractive ads

Maybe, you are using the right keywords, genuine bid price, and your ads are appearing in the keyword search result as well, but unfortunately not getting the desired results. Well, this is a clear indication of something wrong with your ads. The reason behind this can be non-attractive ads or not delivering the accurate message the searchers are looking for! Inappropriate ads often appear without clicks, thus brings no traffic to your destination and you make no money.

Common PPC mistake # 4: Using content network

When starting a new campaign, you must disable the content network tab which many people forget to do. Enabling an AdWords campaign on the content network may lead your ads to appear at relevant sites that impact the CTR (Click-through-rate). Only if you are an expert in PPC advertising then it is advisable to attempt content, else better to turn off the content network and focus only on the search.

Common PPC mistake #5: Writing a generic ad copy

Pay per click ads often allow limited space to convey the message, so every word is crucial that must be used wisely. Rather than using common words, it is recommended to use only action words and descriptive phrases that make people click on the link.

Also, direct content copying from your competitors is something that should be avoided. Remember, your company is unique likewise the motto behind your business, so show that in your ads.

Common PPC mistake #6: Setting initial bids too high

It is common for internet marketers that they begin bidding too high even before they identify their profitable keywords.

It is good to start with a smaller cost per click specifically when someone is at the learning stage. No doubt, bidding high will take you to grasp top positions, however, will not help if you are a beginner in creating landing pages.

Common PPC mistake # 7: Ignoring your analytics

It does not make any sense to simply create a PPC campaign and wait for the desired results. The key is to check your stats regularly. Maybe your ads are not performing as expected, keywords are not converting or you might receive clicks but with no conversions, it’s time to make a change. There are many resources available for relevant suggestions in regards to keywords and ad copy.

How to avoid such PPC mistakes?

Just because PPC ad campaigns are common, it does not mean you have to make them! If you are not aware of the PPC strategies, it’s wise to hire a professional or agency to make your investment profitable. Their assistance will help you avoid these mistakes and make you start earning money with Google AdWords by creating profitable campaigns.

If you would like to know more about PPC campaigns, contact PPC Company.

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