5 Reasons to Embrace Paid Social Media Advertising

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As per the latest trends, marketers are allotting a large share of their budget on social media advertising – they are likely to spend $102 billion by the end of 2020.

Amongst many paid marketing solutions, paid social media campaigns are rated as an effective way to target your ideal audience. It’s a powerful marketing model and way different from traditional advertising. It lets you leverage advanced techs like big data and machine learning to build brand awareness, generate more leads, and increase your website traffic.

Reasons to start using paid social media advertising

There are some noteworthy reasons to embrace paid social media advertising.

Almost 50% of the world population, that is nearly 3 billion people worldwide, uses social media. Further, 54% of users research products on social media before making a purchase. These statistics are going to elevate in 2021.

Here we have listed the most notable reasons to use paid social media ads; take a look to make an informed decision –

Expand your reach

In today’s digital world, brands that do not advertise on social media are at risk of falling behind. This fact is applicable for small business owners also, that is why they are increasing their investment in social media marketing.

You can get instant visibility with social media channels, as paid ads are guaranteed to appear in the audience feed. Paid ads will give you the window to cut the noise of social media platforms, generate leads, and increase website traffic. All you need to do is to develop advertising strategies considering the behaviour of your audience. Connect with SMM professionals to create and implement a result-oriented paid campaign for your brand.


Paid social media advertising usually fits into the promotion budget of the marketing team. Its pay per click payment model makes it budget-friendly, as you have to pay only when the audience takes your desired actions.

Unlike traditional advertising, paid social ads allow you to engage with target markets in the budget. You can also fine-tune your target filters after a few ad cycles for better results and ROI.

Specific and minute targeting

You can go specific with paid social media advertising, it makes your way to reach the relevant audience who fit into your sales demographic and may take interest in your brand.

Each social media platform provides many targeting parameters; you can look at your analytics and analyse the common factors like keywords, titles, location, and interests from all platforms to refine your paid campaign targeting and get in more qualified leads, and as a result, higher conversions.

Maximum content distribution

Social media is a great platform to market your best content widely.

73.4% of social media users follow a brand page because they are interested in their product or service. To feed their curiosity, engage them in some educational content, that will likely make them your qualified leads.

Boost brand awareness

Social media is the best and cost-effective platform to boost your brand awareness. People start recognising your brand if it regularly appears in their news feed. It will help you increase your credibility and make your audience engage more.

With the fall in organic reach on social networks, paid social media advertising helps you reach your target audience with ease. Adopt a strategic approach and see how paid social media ads can help you improve your leads and conversions!

Experts suggest that it is the right time to update your social media strategy and include paid media in it. Schedule a 30-minute free strategy call with Netplanet Digital team to know more.

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