Five Easy Steps to Reach Your Target Audience on Instagram

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It is no more a mystery that social media is the perfect platform to generate leads, nurture engagement, and connect with customers. Brands ensure to maintain an active social presence to keep new leads coming their way while building a loyal community of followers.

Among all social media platforms, Instagram is somewhat ruling the roost. With over 1 billion active users, this American social networking service is a go-to channel for building a personal brand or promoting your products/services. No wonder the world wants to know how they can leverage this channel and attract more fans and customers for their brand.

How to Boost Your Instagram Presence?

To achieve a lucrative presence on Instagram, you need to learn the growth tactics that’ll make your presence stand out from the rest.

Here, we have curated some strategic tips that’ll help you to expand the reach of your brand on Instagram. Let’s get started.

Define the target audience

The first and foremost step is to define your target audience on Instagram. Without this, it is impossible to reach the group of people of your interest.

Out of all other ways to define the audience on Instagram, we suggest moving forward with reviewing your Instagram and performing website analytics. It will help you to find uniformity between your followers and the buying behaviour on your website. Explore and analyse their behaviour on your website, and their habits on Instagram. The more you explore and analyse your customer demographics, there will be more chances for you to post relatable content and maximise clicks and conversions.

Social listening and engagement

Observing what your customers, followers, and partners are stating about your brand is termed as social listening.

The information gathered through social listening not only allows you to learn more about your target audience, but it also creates unique engagement opportunities for you. Customers like to deal with brands that stay actively engaged with people on social media. So use social listening to keep a track of customer sentiments and brand mentions.

Share relevant content

In between posting photos, tagging friends, and sharing stories, it is quite difficult to attract your target customers to your written content.

To repurpose, you can use your popular blog content in the form of an infographic. It is also possible to share a blog on Instagram, but to generate more clicks, sharing eye-catching images and videos is important.

Timing matters

Consider the timing when followers are more active and the targeted audience is online. You can find the activity details of your followers simply in the audience tab. Find out between what hours and on which day the followers are most active, and schedule your posts accordingly.

Tagging stories

Just like your posts, you can use geotags and hashtags in your stories also. It allows you to get on the explore page and collect huge traffic for your profile.

Choose the relevant hashtag for your story. The engagement and quality of image or video posted plays a major factor in the aggregation of these hashtagged stories.

The more you explore and analyse Instagram and your followers, the more possibilities will be there to have a website that encourages interaction and engagement from your target audience.

However, it is not easy to handle social media marketing on your own when there is a lot of work in your to-do list. When working with multiple social media platforms, many new entrepreneurs and marketers lose the thread. It’s wise to hire experts to get the best social media marketing services.

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