Why Website Maintenance is Important? What are the Costs Involved?

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What makes a website a revenue-generating asset?

Well, a lot of people believe that hiring a good web design & digital marketing agency is half the battle won.

Definitely, a dependable team of web specialists & marketers can help your business in reaching heights by developing an optimised website, updating & managing the content, ensuring traffic, and administering users & configuration.

However, building a website and keeping it up and running are two different things. Frequently updating & checking the website is instrumental to keep it relevant and reap the SEO benefits. Trust us, your website maintenance efforts in the right direction will help you go a long way.

Not convinced yet? Here are the top-3 reasons to invest in website maintenance services –

1. It Saves You From Hackers

The biggest advantage of website maintenance is security.
Many businesses believe that hackers target only enterprises & their web assets, and this isn’t true! No matter how big or small a website is, a hacker will infiltrate it if it’s poorly secured.
The likelihood of an older website getting hacked is high due to less secure coding and modules that are not updated. Hence, maintaining your website at regular intervals is important to keep hackers at bay and protect your important data.

2. It Provides Enhanced User Experience

Customers and their preferences are the driving forces of all the changes that take place in the SEO and digital marketing world. Website designs are no different in this regard.
Having a website that works just how your customers like it to be will only take your business further. With fresh themes and new plugin updates, you can make your website more customer-centric and success-oriented.

3. It Increases Website Speed

Do you know?

The webpage load time of 1-3 seconds results in the bounce rate up to 32%, while the load time of 1-5 seconds can increase the bounce rate by 90%.
It is evident that the customers today don’t prefer to wait around for longer for a website to load. If your website will act slow, like a baby panda, people won’t think twice to choose your competitor over you.

There are endless reasons for higher page load time. You can check the speed issues by using tools like Google PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix, UpTrends and more, or simply hire professionals to do the job for you.

What are the Costs Involved in Website Maintenance?

1. Website hosting in the basic cost that depends on the bandwidth and the type of your website. A typical website hosting can range from $10 a month to $100 a month for a small to midsize business.
2. Your domain name can cost you around $15 a year.
3. You also need to have a website backup to stay safe in the case when the website is hacked or affected by malware. It can cost you $5 a month.
4. The website updates and maintenance costs can add up to $10 a month.
If you are looking for website maintenance or any web development services in or around Sydney, we are here to be of help! Our experts at Netplanet Digital will guide you on keeping your website updated and protected from potential threats.

Give us a call at 1300-033-707 or schedule a free 30-minute consultation here.

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