How to Find If Your Website is Blacklisted by Google?

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Running an online business isn’t easy. The competition is fierce, and there are several strict guidelines set by the biggest search giant Google that makes it difficult to rule the search results.

If you have noticed a sudden dip in your online traffic and can’t understand the reason, it’s wise to check if your website has been de-indexed or blacklisted by Google. If you don’t pay attention to this, you might lose your valuable prospects and new streams of revenue.

Today, we have curated a small list of all considerations you should know about Google Blacklist. Go through this copy and become informed to prevent being invisible from Google.

Know Why Google Blacklists a Website

The most used search engine across the world is Google. With the passing of every single minute, people search for different things, and in response, they get answers in the form of website links and web pages.

Google scans every website for phishing mechanisms, unwanted software, malware, spam or duplicate content and anything that is not allowed in Google algorithms.

If Google finds any suspicious activity, it blacklists the website on its search platform. In this condition, the particular website losses all the traffic and customers it receives via Google.

How to Find If Your Website is Blacklisted By Google?

  • Run a Manual Search

The initial method to know if your website has been blocked or blacklisted in Google search engine is to run a manual search like “”

To get this proper, you should leave using http.// and the www. also the forward-slash to ensure you get the right outcome.

If you don’t get any results in the search, there are big possibilities that Google has blocked or de-indexed your website.

Yet, this method is not as good as others listed below to get a clear result regarding banned or blacklisted of your website.

  • Check Google Transparency Directory

To know if your website is blacklisted due to DMCA claim or copyright issues, you should check Google’s Transparency Report. It is one of the best ways to know if your website is blacklisted due to copyrighted content.

  • Are You Buying Links?

Buying links  is an illegal and unethical way to boost your search rank. These fake links can result in the blacklisting of your website. It causes the loss of your reputation and money as well. So always avoid buying links and disavow those that you might have purchased already.

  • Google Webmaster Tools

For better SEO results and analysis, every online business always integrates Google Webmaster and Analytics Tools into their site.

If your website has been banned, Webmaster would be the first tool to figure out your site. To see if Google is looking or monitoring your website you should go under Crawl after that Crawl stats. If there is a lot of traffic in Webmaster, and it blanks or straight after a time, then understand that Google has blacklisted your site.

  • Masking Keywords

Google already knows the technique people use to mask the keywords. So hiding phrases or keywords using background color is a wrong practice. This could easily ban your online presence from Google search.

  • Using Copyrighted or Plagiarized Content to Your Website

If you accidentally or purposely use a copyrighted image or content on your website, your website is at a high risk of being blacklisted.

So, whenever you add articles, blogs, videos, images of any kind, make sure that there is no copyrighted content. If you use copyrighted sources without giving the owner any credits, they can file a complaint against you to Google and Google will blacklist your website from search results.

  • Using Black Hat SEO Methods to Rank Your Website

If your SEO expert uses black-hat SEO techniques to get ranking faster on search engines, Google will blacklist you on the search engine sooner or later. Check out some of the black hat SEO techniques:

  • Buying sources to show links to your website
  • Asking or suggesting people click your links or website
  • Adding unrelated keywords to your website to divert more traffic

These are some of the best techniques Google doesn’t allow from using.

  • Your Website Has Been Hacked / Your Domain Has Been Hijacked

You may be blacklisted by Google even if you are following all the guidelines and policies. It might be due to the lack of security.

Maybe you have not taken all the required security measures for your site, and due to this your domain has been hacked or hijacked. In this case, the hacker can insert deceptive or duplicate content or malicious software into your website to blacklist your website. To avoid this, improve the security of your website and stick with Google’s search policies.

If your website has been blacklisted, consider contacting the team of Netplanet Digital. We can help you identify your website issues and assess your SEO campaign’s performance to find out what’s hurting your online presence. To get started, book a free 30-minute call with us today!

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