7 Must-Have Features of Your Homepage

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Are you looking forward to increased visibility, massive traffic, and better profit margin?

Make sure you invest some of your time, money, and effort on creating a stunning visual identity. By visual identity, we mean your website which contributes a lot to the digital economy. It creates an impression of your online store and reflects your ideology. You can’t afford to take your homepage lightly, beautifying your homepage is an investment which can make or break your business.

Have a look at the important features of stunning web design that you should include in your homepage:

Never Forget to Include a Professional Logo

Your logo reflects your ideology as to who you are, what you offer, and what value you exhibit. It is something that your customers connect instantly. They recognise you by your logo and judge you on your abilities.

A poorly designed logo can give a bad impression, whereas a prominent logo can make its way in the corner of people’s mind. It will help if you include a prominent logo on your homepage. It can serve as a location that your customer will want to head-on.

A Concise and Memorable Headline

A headline instantly communicates what’s on your mind. It is an important element of your website, which should be such that it amplifies your message out there in public. It must reflect your idea of business confidently.

Include a catchy, concise headline which is straight to the point. You will notice an improvement in your credibility and authority and an increase in traffic.

Organised Navigation

Everybody likes a functional website with straightforward and intuitive navigation. A user tends to spend a little time on your website if the navigation is disorganised as he feels he may get lost in the clutter. Users are more than happy to see easy navigation which saves their time and they can easily locate stuff on your website.

If you have a website, which is content-heavy, a search box can help. Also, vertical navigation would make it easy to locate things on an E-Commerce website. Make sure you follow a clear roadmap to keep confusions at bay and offer a positive user experience with easy navigation.

Build a Good Rapport with Social Proof

Strengthen your local business and its ideology with social proof. Show all how happy your customers’ are? Include client testimonials, reviews, and feedback on your homepage. It will seem all-natural and authentic, which is rare to find in a world where everyone is making false claims.

Visuals are a Gateway to Massive Traffic

Appearance matters to all; and if we are to put it simply, then everyone loves beautiful visuals. Visuals play a key role in shaping customers’ opinion based on which they make decisions.

Make sure you include images, videos, and authentic photos on your homepage that conveys your professionalism. Also, make sure that you focus on layout, font selection, and colour palette as well. All these make for a great website, which opens the doorway to massive traffic.

Don’t Forget Content is the King

Content is another important element that creates an experience for the user. Make sure you avoid industry jargons and include easy-to-understand content that establishes an emotional connection with your target audience. Good intentions die unless they are executed, show your customers’ about your strong values and good intentions through compelling and catchy content.

Begin the Selling Cycle with a Call to Action

A call to action is the best way to pick people’s interest and pull them to delve deeper into your website. Make sure you include an easy call to actions that people are likely to spend their time browsing your website further.

You can also link it to contact forms or subscription enrollment forms which could serve as a single largest source of information for you.

  • Some compelling call-to-actions include:
  • Subscribe to our newsletter
  • Get started today
  • Get 10% off on your order now

Make sure your CTA is direct and action-oriented.

If you are ready to revamp your homepage, contact our web design services to take your user experience to the next level. Strengthen your brand with just a click. Contact us today to book a free 30-minute consultation.

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