How We Helped Sydney Wardrobe Company Up Their Conversions by 45.7%

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Sydney Wardrobe Company is a leading Sydney-based wardrobe manufacturer offering an impressive range of built-in and custom-made wardrobes. They are rated as the pioneers in the wardrobe industry and are loved for their beautiful, durable, and highly functional wardrobe products.

The team of Sydney Wardrobe Company was keen to upgrade their eight years old website. They hired a web development agency to build their new website adhering to the best web design and SEO practices.

However, to their disappointment, the agency they approached took three years to develop their new site. Although new, the site was dull and poorly wireframed, which made it difficult to navigate through and update for further functionality. Moreover, the website lacked important plugins, call-to-actions, and other features that vital are vital to boost conversions and perform better on search engines.

As a result, the company was far from their desired Google Ads ex AdWords campaign results and had a high bounce rate of over 90%. This is when they decided to take a leap and get their website redesigned by Netplanet Digital experts.

Our Involvement

After one month of getting the new website live, Sydney Wardrobe Company tasked Netplanet Digital to rebuild the entire website and fix the existing issues. Their primary objective was to build a website that features a user-friendly interface and covers all SEO essentials. They also wanted our digital marketers to work on their Google Ads and SEO campaigns to drive highly-targeted traffic and qualified leads.

Our Strategic Approach and Solution

Our team of expert website designers and developers together with SEO professionals analyzed the existing site and business goals. We started with website and SEO audit and pinpointed the key areas of improvement like website architecture, sitemaps, wireframe, plug-ins, and call-to-action. After thorough analysis, we identified priorities and created wireframes and mockups to ensure each element is placed precisely on the page. We also gave special emphasis on the visual elements of the website and put extra effort into curating the content. After investing 3 months , we built a new website that loads in seconds, boasts strong visual features and elements, and has a highly intuitive navigation.

Our Approach to Brand Visibility and Lead Generation

Once we had a result-oriented website, we moved towards brainstorming on brand visibility and traffic. As lead generation, click-through rates, and sales conversion were the major concerns of the client, we conducted a three-hour workshop to outline target market places where the brand can find new prospective consumers. The brand mainly caters to six different market segments for which we created separate brand personas. Besides this, here’s what we did to nurture higher engagement and leads –

  • We identified market trends and created a brand story around it to make the brand relevant in front of their consumers.
  • After a thorough keyword analysis, we optimized the website content for the selected niche related keywords.
  • We made use of effective CTAs to encourage visitors to take immediate actions.
  • A telephone connection was also set up that would connect the brand to its consumers, directly.
  • We also installed Google Tag Manager and other conversion tracking tools to the website to keep track of site visits and CTR. This allowed us to manage the site, measure results, and make necessary changes whenever required.

The Results

Our strategic approach to web design and digital marketing enabled Sydney Wardrobe Company to emerge as a market-leading brand in the web world and beyond.

Soon after we made the new website of Sydney Wardrobe Company live, there’s a consistent increase in the leads and CTR. The company is getting leads and has even hired more sales executives to efficiently cater to the growing demand of its products.

As of July 2019, Sydney Wardrobe Company has:

  • 1K website impressions
  • 12,809 page views
  • SEO visibility score of 87
  • Conversions up by 45.7%

Impressed by the improved website performance and ROI, the company is gradually cutting on its print advertisement and planning to increase their Google Ads expenditure to focus on online reach.

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