Your Website Needs an SEO Audit. Here’s Why.

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Is your website not ranking well in the search results?

If yes, there could be several factors responsible for your website’s below-average performance. It could be due to site architecture, engagement, fewer backlinks, low keyword intensity, or duplicate content. If left unnoticed, these issues can change your website from the best to worst in a few months.

This is the reason why it is essential to identify your website’s weaknesses and work on them to make the most out of your investment. But how will you do this?

Here SEO audit plays a crucial role. It helps you identify the weak areas and work on them to make your website appealing to both users and search engines.

Understanding the Nature & Need of SEO Audit

A website is a masterpiece woven with beautiful graphics and color schemes along with other technicalities. An SEO audit takes into account everything that is considered important for the performance of the website. Technically speaking, it’s a process that assists you in analysing how well your web presence relates to the best practices.

If your website is also lacking in performance, then you must look into this immediately and get an SEO audit done. Here are some reasons why your website needs one:

Technical Issues

If your website encounters a problem with the loading speed and has many redirects, then it comes under technical issues. Moreover, poor site architecture and URL structure also add up to the issue. Also, if the search engine finds it difficult to crawl your website, it may affect your online visibility.

The moment you encounter these issues, get an SEO audit done as soon as possible to improve your web presence. This way, you can deliver a great user experience.

Less Number of Backlinks

When it comes to backlinks, experts generally say that the more you have backlinks, the more your content appears online. It increases your domain authority. If your content doesn’t appear, then less number of backlinks could be an issue for which you must get an SEO audit done. You will come to know where you stand in the current scenario. It will also help you identify whether you have any spammy links or not.

Poor Content

If your website is facing issues in ranking due to content, then your content strategy could be the culprit. An SEO audit will help you identify and use better keywords that your competitors might be using. It will help you improvise over your meta descriptions and upgrade your content according to the current trend. This way, you get an opportunity to gain backlinks from high domain authority sites.

Algorithm Changes

Google comes up with new algorithms now and then, and this way, it always keeps you on your toes. And, like Google, every search engine constantly updates algorithms to provide better search results. If your website is lacking in performance, then algorithm change could also be an issue. An SEO audit will help you understand where you lack in terms of algorithm changes. The most recent update Google had on its algorithms was the use of NLP(Natural Language Processing). Here you need to update your content in such a way that humans interact, and everyone can understand.

If you are also looking for a reliable SEO company in Sydney that can help you know and improve your website’s current health status, start with an SEO audit with our team. Get in touch with Netplanet experts – contact us for a 30-minute FREE strategy call today!

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