Website Maintenance Packages

WordPress core, plugin updates and renewals

We take the hassle away by updating your WordPress site and its plugins on a regular basis to minimise security exploits and lower ongoing enhancement costs as your website evolves.

Website security vulnerability scanning

While we always ensure that we build secure websites over time,new vulnerabilities may be found and exploited by hackers. It is important that the site is monitored to detect potential exploits and remediate them before they cause reputational damage or prevent your customers from accessing your website.

Website reputation monitoring and blacklist removal

We will keep track of major website reputation databases. If your site for whatever reason gets blacklisted , we will arrange to have it removed.

Website page download speed performance monitoring

We go the extra mile to build fast websites. We will monitor the site’s performance on a continuous basis, identify slowdowns and either resolve the problem directly or work with your hosting provider to bring it back to normal.

Website availability monitoring and recovery

Should your site become unavailable, we will detect it before your customers do so we can maximise our chances of resuming the service before they notice.

Real user monitoring

Want to know how your customers are experiencing your site? We will monitor how quickly full page load times take on actual user devices. If the site is not performing the way it should, we will take responsibility for attempting to identify the cause. If your site is running on our recommended web hosting platform and we have previously built your site, we will make further optimisations to your site free of charge.

Malware detection, removal and hack repair

Do not let viruses, spyware, adware, and various other types of harmful software cause reputation damage, disrupt your operations or steal sensitive information. We will detect and repair malware events, repair any hacks and share post mortem findings and actions with you.

Daily backups

Your website content and data is safe and secure with us. We will take the hassle away from creating backups and look after restoring your site in the event of a recovery

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