Top Seven Free Website Speed Test Tools

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The speed of your website plays a critical role in bringing success.

No visitor wants to sit in front of the screen and wait for the website to load. It irritates users and often makes them go and pick your competitor over you. The result will be the loss of a potential client and the revenue associated.

A fast-loading website can help you engage your customers, pump up your conversion rates, and increase the visitor duration. In addition, Google also creates website ranking on the basis of website speed, which means a lesser loading time can lead you to greater heights.

Now, what’s the loading time of your website? Have you ever done the website speed performance and optimisation test? If not, you are unaware of the bottlenecks that might be hindering your growth and driving your users away.

Today, we have listed some of the best website speed tool tests that’ll help you analyse your website’s performance and speed, have a read –

Top 7 Free Website Speed Test Tools

The website speed test tools mentioned here are free and offer unique features to analyse your website performance. As the DNS lookup tends to be slower in the first run, you need to take multiple tests to get a definite website loading time.


When it comes to website speed test, GTmetrix has to be on the top due to its fast and lightweight user interface. The speed test provides a detailed insight into your website including 14 locations around the globe. The test also provides a waterfall breakdown at the bottom as well as an option to turn your report public or private.

With such useful features, you can get an idea of the HTTP requests made and the load time.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights is a detailed website speed tool that grades your website on a scale of 1-100. A higher number shows better optimisation and loading. The PageSpeed Insights gives you a desktop as well as mobile versions to have a better idea about your performance.

Generally, any score above 85 is considered great for your website. Further, the tool also shows you recommendations to improve.

Pingdom Speed Test

Pingdom is one of the most popular speed tests because of its detailed report divided into different sections including waterfall breakdown, performance grade, page analysis, and history.

The results you get are equivalent to Google Insights and will reflect the areas where you can improve.

KeyCDN Website Speed Test

KeyCDN also works on the grading system providing you with a grade from F to A. The reports are classified into different sections allowing you to test from different locations.


Just like other website speed test tools, WebPageTest also provides you with detailed insight from 40 different locations including mobile and desktop versions. It gives you a grade from F to A based on different performance parameters.

Varvy Pagespeed Optimization

Varvy Pagespeed Optimization, which is also sometimes called Moz Local, is yet another website speed checking tool that segregates your report into 5 different sections such as resource diagram, CSS delivery, JavaScript usage, services used, and page speed issues found.

Unlike other tools, it provides you with graphical data to interpret and develop a better understanding.


If you want something basic yet awesome, Uptrends is what you need. It is a basic website speed testing tool that breaks your report mainly in two sections – waterfall breakdown and domain groups. It provides you a report with 35 different locations to look for.

How to Cut the Website Loading Time?

You can reduce your website loading time in many ways.

  • By removing images or videos can reduce your loading time to a great extent.
  • Determining render-blocking JavaScript or CSS Testing Time to First Byte
  • Finding and adjusting page sizes
  • Using lightweight plugins
  • Analysing website performance from different locations
  • Analysing HTTP
  • Analysing your website performance through a content delivery network

Running a website speed test can help you in understanding your website better and make it a revenue-generating asset. Keep visiting our space for more such posts.

Also, feel free to book a 30-minute free consultation with our web and online marketing specialists.

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